Data Management

As a GxP (GCP, GLP, GMP) lab, BioAgilytix implements and upholds only the most stringent data management and reporting procedures to guarantee that the data you receive is reliable, reproducible, and compliant.

As an output of their analytical services, bioanalytical laboratories generate large amounts of discovery-critical data. Equally important as the scientific rigor of the laboratory are the procedures in place to manage, organize, secure, process and back-up these data sets.

Not only is data management a pillar of responsible scientific research, it is also of critical concern to the companies outsourcing their large molecule bioanalysis. Reported results are the parameters by which to determine whether or not to proceed with a given drug candidate. If this data is not properly managed or is in any way compromised, so is the discovery.

As a result, a comprehensive approach to data management is an essential characteristic of the optimal bioanalytical partner. Don’t leave your data to chance – guarantee its integrity with BioAgilytix’s data management practices.

Upholding the Principles of Bioanalytical Data Management

We uphold the following principles of bioanalytical data management.

Data Quality

Data quality refers to the integrity and consistency of the analytical data outputs. Our commitment to data integrity and quality is integrally woven into our commitment to scientific excellence in our bioanalytical services. You can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality data, a reliable foundation for scientific decision making.

Data Organization

Data organization refers to the processes and procedures that are in place to collect data, the methodology utilized to store data outputs over time, and the formats in which those outputs are delivered to facilitate decision making. Understanding that data collection and storage methods are integral to discovery, our approach to data organization ensures continuity and consistency throughout every stage of development.

Data Protection

When it comes to the principles of data management, the security of your discovery-critical data is second to none. Security involves protecting your data from outside threats, as well as ensuring that your data remains safe and accessible to your project team at all times.

As such, BioAgilytix takes extensive data management measures to ensure your critical data is always protected, including:

  • Fully-secured facility monitored by our security system with access controls
  • Data backups every 15 minutes to two off-site locations
  • Redundant server configuration and electronic audit trail
  • Uninterruptible power supply backed up by a generators
  • Secure, monitored room with limited access

Managing Data and Reporting Results That You Can Count On.

Extremely well-versed in industry reporting standards, we provide the right data in the right format, so you can make the right decisions. Our scientific team works hand in hand with our experienced Quality Assurance department to uphold the most current data-related regulatory requirements of your project, whether under GLP, GCP, or GMP guidelines.

When you need a proven GxPLaboratory with a proven approach to data management, look no further than BioAgilytix. Learn more about the standards that BioAgilytix upholds to be a GxP laboratory.

Let us help ensure the data integrity of your bioanalytical project.

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