Oncology trials are among the most extensive, and most critical. Trial success in oncology hinges upon anticipating the addressing every scientific complexity at every stage of the drug development process.

bioanalytical services for oncologyAs a bioanalytical CRO specialized in complex drug development efforts, including cancer drug trials, we deliver multi-stage bioanalytical services and the extensive expertise needed to add value every step of the way.

Providing Comprehensive Bioanalytical Services in Oncology

Excellence must permeate every stage of development, particularly when dealing with rigorous oncology applications. As an industry leader in oncology-related bioanalytical services, we provide expert support in xenograft, PBMC, and tumor analysis, as well as for cancer-related cell-based assays.

Expert Support for Every Phase of Oncology Drug Development

From discovery through Phases I, II, II and IV, BioAgilytix offers comprehensive bioanalytical support for every stage of oncology drug development – providing the foresight and comprehensive services needed to ensure continuity and compress your time to market.

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Applying Leading Edge Technologies to Satisfy Oncology Needs

In addition to our comprehensive range of services, which we deliver at every stage of oncology drug development, we offer an array of emerging technologies and platforms. We apply these technologies thoughtfully and impartially to solve your oncology project’s most pressing performance demands.  

Did You Know?

Our scientific team has more than 100 publications in the oncology arena.

Quality Science for the Advancement of Innovation in Oncology

Your oncology trial is no place for compromises when it comes to quality assurance. We uphold the highest commitment to superior science, supporting our laboratory staff with a quality team that has extensive experience in maintaining outstanding reliability in quality assured and highly regulated environments.

Our Quality Stats Include:

Let us help you bring clarity to the complexities of your oncology project.

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