13th EBF Open Symposium
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13th EBF Open Symposium

17-20 November 2020 | Barcelona, Spain

Join BioAgilytix at the 13th EBF Open Symposium

Many members of the BioAgilytix team will be virtually partaking in important scientific discussions on evolving trends, challenges, and best practices in bioanalysis.

Visit our virtual booth any time during the event to talk with our attending scientists about these topics or your own large molecule development needs. You can also pre-register for a dedicated time to have a one-on-one session with us by filling out the form.

Why Stop By BioAgilytix’s Virtual Booth?

janett schwarz

marianne scheel fjording


“ADA/NAB Drug and Target Tolerance by SPEAD Treatment”

Together, BioAgilytix’s Dr. Janett Schwarz and Dr. Marianne Scheel Fjording will be presenting a case study which shows results of SPEAD-based elimination of the drug for both ADA assay and NAB assay.

arno kromminga

juliana ober-blöbaum


“ELISpot Method Development & Validation to Monitor Gene Therapies”

BioAgilytix’s Dr. Arno Kromminga and Dr. Juliane Ober Blöbaum will be on hand to discuss the poster and share insights on how the recent growth of viral-based gene therapies has brought the tremendous value of Enzyme-linked immunospot (ELISpot) technology into focus.

luke armstrong


“Validated Assay for Neutralizing Antibodies Against AAV9 in Human Serum”

BioAgilytix’s Dr. Luke Armstrong will be discussing the detection of neutralizing antibodies (NAb) against AAV vectors in serum samples as a critical step in determining eligibility of subjects for enrollment in clinical trials with AAV therapeutics and monitoring post-dose immune responses.

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