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In looking forward to the types of topics we’ll be covering, I thought it would first be helpful to take a look back at a few of the trends we’ve seen in 2015. A survey conducted this past May by Industry Standard Research (ISR) around bioanalytical lab market dynamics found that the biggest predicted changes in large molecule needs over the next two years will be in biomarker discovery and proprietary biomarker sample analysis – in both the discovery & preclinical and clinical development phases*.

We have already seen this trend in action at BioAgilytix, as our customers look to the growing opportunities in personalized medicine and companion diagnostics. Biomarkers hold tremendous promise in their ability to determine drug efficacy and safety, develop diagnostic assays for early disease detection, impact the success rate of clinical trials, and more. That is why one of our key focuses this year has been on continually expanding our robust biomarker menu, which includes over 400 biomarker offerings with 100+ validated biomarkers for a range of disease states.

Another area the ISR report focused on was uncovering the most important metrics sponsors use today in evaluating potential bioanalytical laboratory partners. Their findings revealed that method development turnaround time and on-time method validation data delivery were the top attributes for CRO selection, and that technical and assay development expertise were the selection criteria that had increased in importance the most over the past 12 months*.

With the complexity of assay needs rising, it’s no wonder that customers are seeking bioanalytical partners with significant scientific expertise – and the ability to rapidly overcome complexity has always been a core competency of the BioAgilytix team. Our scientific team averages 15+ years of bench experience, with over half comprised of PhD and Masters-level scientists. This veteran team has been working with some of the world’s largest and well-respected pharmaceutical companies and CROs for decades, and we’ve proven our ability time and again to solve even the most demanding assay challenges rapidly and with robust results.

In fact, we’d like to prove our rapid turnaround time capabilities to you firsthand. If you have a challenging project that you’re looking to quickly advance, tell us about it here, and we’ll show you how we can help you close out 2015 with its solution.

We’d also like to hear from you on any future topics you’d like to see us cover in our blog. Feel free to send me a message with suggestions so that we can share with you our scientific perspective. Happy reading!

*Source: Industry Standard Research, 2015