When people hear the word innovation, they most often think of Silicon Valley or the Boston-New York corridor—but as a recent Newsweek Elite Reports article featuring BioAgilytix finds, North Carolina is rising quickly to the forefront of such conversations as the third pillar of the ‘National Innovation Triangle’. In fact, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis found North Carolina to have the nation’s fastest growing economy between Q1 2013 and Q1 2015. Much of this is due to the pharmaceutical and biotech R&D happening in and around NC’s Research Triangle Park (RTP), which is known globally as a hot spot for life sciences advancements. BioAgilytix’s U.S. headquarters is located in the heart of this innovation hub, and we’re proud to contribute our part to advancing both our local community and patient health around the world.

Part of our innovation is seen in the customer engagement model we employ, which is quite unique from other CROs in our industry. We do not use a traditional assembly-line format, where each scientist conducts a small piece of research and then passes it on. We found this approach to be not very gratifying for the staff, and can lead to high turnover. We instead designate a bioanalytical project manager as a single point of contact to manage delivery of projects on time using our internal resources. With this model, we have one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry at less than 5% per year—and we are fully invested in continually furthering the skills and abilities of our ‘best and brightest’.

The other part of BioAgilytix’s innovation can be seen in the quality of our scientific work. We serve as an exceedingly important resource for pharmaceutical and biotech companies conducting research and trials, and can offer a veteran team—consisting of more than 50% PhD and Masters-level scientists—to extend their large molecule expertise. This concentrated expertise has helped us become partner to 23 of the top 35 global pharma and biotech companies, and allows us to play a pivotal role in accelerating R&D innovations to advance patient care.

To learn more about the innovation happening in North Carolina, and at BioAgilytix specifically, check out our feature in the Newsweek Elite Report, North Carolina: Transformation Through Innovation.