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What You Won’t Learn in School: Advice to Early Career Scientists

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In the 20+ years of my career—spanning R&D, clinical operations, and manufacturing in both technical and commercial roles for multinational pharmaceutical companies, smaller biotechs, and top bioanalytical CROs—I have acquired a great deal of on-the-job knowledge that I hadn’t learned in school. My goal in this entry is to provide some helpful guidance to young science major graduates just starting their careers: the kind of insight that universities can’t teach you about the vast opportunities that await you, and how to choose a scientific career path that best fits your…

Crystal City VI Workshop Report: A Positive Step in Furthering the Dialogue on Biomarker Assay Challenges

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Yes, it is true! The workshop report from AAPS Crystal City VI is finally here. I know those of us that participated in the 2015 workshop—in which we focused for two days on how to deal with ligand binding assay (LBA) and LCMS biomarker validation and sample analysis—have been wondering what the outcome was of that 2-day discussion. We certainly heard very different views and practices between the presenters on day one versus those on day two about who is right and who is wrong: the clinical chemistry folks, the…

Biomarker Development: Clearing the Way for Faster Biomarker Innovation

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This spring, BioAgilytix attended The Biomarker Conference in San Diego along with other biomarker experts to discuss best practices for an industry that is still maturing in areas such as discovery, development, clinical application, and regulatory approval. A range of topics were covered, from identifying accurate biomarkers to developing standard protocols. The event ended with an exciting takeaway: while there are still many complexities involved in bringing new biomarkers to the clinic, substantial progress is already being made to create clearer paths for overcoming biomarker development challenges. Presenters at the…