What makes BioAgilytix a different kind of bioanalytical CRO? It’s all in the way we do large molecule bioanalysis, and how we work together with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to accelerate the development of innovative biotherapeutics that can change and save patients’ lives.

As you can see, our approach overcomes the common challenges that customers face when working with traditional CROs. Instead of settling for missed deadlines, little transparency, or hit-or-miss scientific quality, we take a uniquely different stance to help our customers address the most complex aspects of their large molecule studies in a timely, effective manner. Together as a team, we have developed proven processes for:

The way we deliver exceptional science

BioAgilytix’s ability to uphold scientific excellence is made possible by our global team of expert scientists, who together average over 15 years of post-schooling bench experience. Because we focus on continually diversifying our organization with a breadth and depth of real-world perspectives, you’ll find that you only ever work with an ‘A’ team of scientists that are well-versed in effectively navigating the varied scientific and regulatory complexities of biologics development.

The way BioAgilytix solves problems

In our model for partnership, collaboration is critical. We value scientist-to-scientist interactions and believe it is the most effective way to efficiently overcome challenges and deliver the best assay results. Using a unique Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM) model, we assign a seasoned scientific project director to actively oversee your study both in and out of the laboratory, and to actively communicate progress throughout the project for full visibility.

Along with the BPM, your project team is comprised of experienced scientists equally engaged and committed to your study’s success. In fact, BioAgilytix’s 95%+ employee retention rate is the highest in the industry, and means you will have the same committed team, start to finish. They will work alongside your internal teams to identify study opportunities, anticipate challenges, and deliver results that are on time – and right the first time.

The way we commit to quality results

Our veteran QA team, averaging more than 20 years of experience in bioanalytical quality assurance, has developed a robust Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure BioAgilytix has the necessary policies and procedures in place to deliver accurate and reliable results. Encompassed in this are identifiable processes and systems that demonstrate adherence to applicable GxP (GLP, GCP, and GMP) regulatory requirements and standards.

The way our scientists continually innovate

At BioAgilytix, our view is always forward-looking. We know that a large part of upholding premium science involves keeping on the pulse of industry shifts, and understanding how new assay and technology innovations can optimize and accelerate our own work. That is why you will see our scientists actively contributing their time and talents to as part of industry associations, at global events, and through articles and white papers that help drive new advancements in bioanalysis.

The BioAgilytix Way’ is to be passionate about continual scientific and procedural advancement. We are constantly looking to achieve more through superior scientific rigor and cutting-edge platforms and technology, and are committed to upholding collaborative partnerships with each client in order to consistently deliver premium science with accurate results – every step of the way.

Learn more about our quality commitment here, or speak to one of our scientists to experience the difference of our approach firsthand.