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Outsourcing Bioanalysis: An Opportunity to Enhance Your Large Molecule Development Strategy

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The biologics market is rapidly growing, resulting in increased demands on pharmaceutical and biotech companies to produce novel biologics more quickly. In the past, many companies chose to handle drug development and production internally with an in-house team of scientists. However, with increased competition, restricted timeframes, and capacity challenges, it has become necessary for a majority of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, regardless of their size, to consider using CROs as a solution for more efficient development and production. Deciding to outsource has the potential to positively influence the outcome of…

BioAgilytix: Taking Action to Guide Effective Biosimilar Development

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The global market for biosimilars is expected to grow at an exponential rate in coming years, from only $3 billion in 2016 to a forecasted $10 billion by 2021. So, it is not a surprise that biosimilar development has continued to be a hot topic in our industry in 2017, particularly related to regulation. To secure regulatory approval for a biosimilar, the manufacturer must demonstrate that the biological product is highly similar to its reference biological product, with no clinically meaningful differences in safety, purity, and potency. But, neither FDA…

Managing Diverse Bioanalytical Talent in an Evolving Industry

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Great people are the foundation of any successful company, and particularly when it comes to bioanalysis. Laboratories critically need the right blend of talent—including not just scientists, but also quality personnel, project leaders, etc.— to produce high quality bioanalytical results for their clients. But our ever-evolving field, combined with the realities of today’s job market and increasingly discerning preferences of job seekers and employees, can make talent management a challenge. So what practices are leading CROs using to attract, retain, and enrich talent today? Recruiting the best new people, while…