The technology used to support your biotherapeutics development project can have a major impact on study outcomes. The right platforms can improve assay speed and accuracy to give you quality results, faster, while the wrong choice can leave you lacking robust, reproducible data. With a plethora of advanced platform options available in the market today, it can be difficult for CROs to determine where to focus their investment, and for sponsors to know what to look for in a CRO partner’s platform portfolio.

That is why analytical assessment is needed.

Innovative + Proven = a Delicate Technology Balance

Every CRO wants to take advantage of innovations that will help them deliver leading-edge science, but can only meet the objectives of their sponsors if they do so with a measured approach. Pharma and biotech customers are trusting their outsourced partner with precious samples, and don’t want them to be used to ‘experiment’ with the accuracy of a new and promising but unproven platform.

That is why CROs should carefully weigh the value of new technology innovation with the technology’s ability to deliver real-world results. In addition to evaluating the potential gains that platform can offer, like greater precision or multiplexing capability, we must also ask questions like: has it been operating successfully in other labs, and for how long? Is it user-friendly or does it require a high degree of expertise to operate? Do we have the resources to validate it efficiently?

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Sponsors should also consider these factors when evaluating a CRO’s technology suite for their assay needs. A new, feature-rich platform may have the potential to produce higher-quality data with faster time-to-results, but does the CRO have a track record of actually using the platform to deliver on its promises?

A CRO that invests selectively in new bioanalytical technology, focusing on the platforms that will yield the highest return for both its business and its customers, will have the greatest chance of their investment being a success. The best time to purchase may not be when the technology is initially released. Once the platform is proven in practice, both the CRO and the sponsor can have confidence that its capabilities will positively impact their projects.

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Technology + Expert Bioanalytical Scientists = The Winning Formula

No matter how robust a platform may be, at the end of the day, it is only as good as the scientists running it. CROs still need to maintain top talent to effectively operate advanced bioanalytical technology and accurately interpret output results. While pharma and biotech companies want outsourced partners that can offer leading-edge platform technology, they must also ensure that their assays are overseen by the best and brightest analytical minds.

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