The best science demands the best people, and we believe the individuals that work at BioAgilytix are truly the top of the field. Their expertise and unwavering commitment to helping our customers meet their study goals drives the quality of bioanalytical services we deliver every day.

Our employees’ perspectives are an important part of understanding BioAgilytix as a company. As such, we sat down and talked with members of the Scientific, Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Control (QC) teams to help you learn more about them – since they are what make BioAgilytix a different kind of bioanalytical CRO. In the first Q&A session of the series, we get a glimpse into the day-to-day work and career of Jessica Rohrman, one of the experts behind the science at BioAgilytix.

Tell us a little about your career path with BioAgilytix.
I joined BioAgilytix in January of 2016 as an Associate Scientist, but my role has evolved since that time. I am now a Scientist II, working primarily in the lab to conduct sample analysis and assay validation studies, and I have also taken on project management responsibilities as a Bioanalytical Project Manager. So far in my time at BioAgilytix, I have seen firsthand that there is a lot of room for professional growth. If you do well in your role and are committed to continually learning, you will be given opportunities to expand your skillset and area of expertise.

What initially drove you to join the BioAgilytix team?
My background experience includes working in both big pharma and biotech startup environments, as well as for another CRO. In that position, I really enjoyed being client-driven and having the opportunity to work on more diverse projects. I’ve also found that I like working in an organization that has a smaller feel, because there is more transparency and chance for cross-collaboration. It also usually translates to more access to senior leadership, which I think is always beneficial to project success and professional growth.

What has your experience been like as a Bioanalytical Project Manager?
As a Bioanalytical Project Manager I manage a number of projects under different studies for one of our large clients. I work to manage the entire interaction between the customer and the scientific staff members who actually carry out the studies. I manage data and data accuracy throughout all tiers of our testing, while maintaining client communications, analysis scheduling, and timeline requirements. I enjoy interfacing with both our internal team and the customer to ensure that projects are conducted as efficiently as possible. The client-focused environment keeps me on my toes.

How are you able to see the impact of the work you do on a larger scale?
I have really enjoyed getting to see how that data I produce is making an impact. Recently we had a large client come on site and speak to us specifically about how our data was used as part of their successful FDA submission. It is a proud moment to hear that our work is supporting positive outcomes, especially when we are working on life-saving therapies.

What stands out to you about the expertise of the BioAgilytix staff?
I feel like the staff at BioAgilytix collectively has an elevated level of expertise in a wide variety of areas. There is a large cross-section of our industry represented in our current employees’ past experiences. We have people with backgrounds in big pharma, academia, and all sizes of CROs. We also have a nice mix of new grads being trained and veterans that have honed their skills through decades of experience. Overall, I feel like we are a dynamic and diverse group of people who share a common commitment to supporting our customers with quality science.

How would you describe BioAgilytix’s company culture?
If I had to pick one word, it would be “collaborative”. Every team has its own separate functions, but everyone is very willing to help each other out when needed, whether it’s troubleshooting a challenge together or loaning out a scientist to help a constrained team. Each coworker I come into contact with is ready to put in the time and hard work required to produce high quality results, and everyone is really there for each other. I truly work with wonderful people! I even feel like I can reach out to senior leadership with issues or to just talk ideas. We are truly collaborative from top to bottom.

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