To gain a better understanding of how BioAgilytix delivers its premium bioanalytical services, it is important to know the people that drive our science. For that reason, we’ve been interviewing members of our Scientific, Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), and Business Development teams to hear their stories about life at BioAgilytix, and help you learn how they contribute to our success.

In this Q&A session, we get to know Matt Bray, Scientist/Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM) at BioAgilytix, and how he has grown with the company since starting as our very first analyst nearly 8 years ago.

How did you come to work at BioAgilytix?
Back in 2010, I was a senior Biochemistry major at North Carolina State. As graduation approached, I started looking for job opportunities at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the Triangle area. I actually drove to BioAgilytix to submit my resume in person for consideration for an analyst position. I think doing that made BioAgilytix’s founder, Afshin Safavi, take notice and I was able to have the opportunity to interview with him. I was hired for the role as employee #28 and was the first analyst they brought on; it was really exciting to join a young but growing company led by seasoned experts.

How has your role evolved since you have been with BioAgilytix?
My role has changed a lot over the almost eight years that I’ve been with the company. I started here doing mostly biomarker work, and even headed up some construction projects during phases where we were building out our facility and lab space. Over time I moved into ADA and PK development, validation, and qualification working with various different project groups, which has really been an incredible learning experience for me. While the overall goal is always the same, each leader of the five project groups I’ve worked in has their own tips and tricks for performing assays, and I’ve been able to learn from each of them and add to my ‘toolbox’ of knowledge for addressing different bioanalytical challenges. I’ve enjoyed working with all of them and would go back to any of their groups in a heartbeat. And, this exposure to diverse projects and perspectives has enabled me to diversify my own experience, and helped me expand into my current position as both a scientist and Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM).

How have you seen BioAgilytix’s growth impact your work?
When I started with the company, the lab staff was only a fraction of what we have now, and we didn’t even have a Quality Control (QC) group. As we’ve grown, we’ve moved from mostly unregulated studies to handling a majority of regulated work, and I truly believe it has made us all better scientists. It has made us all very conscious of the smallest details, and everyone here is committed to putting in the polished effort it takes to deliver the highest quality results.

Have you been able to take advantage of professional development opportunities?
At BioAgilytix, if you do well in your role you are offered new opportunities, from expanded responsibilities to professional advancement. For example, in addition to the invaluable day-to-day learning and mentorship I receive on the job, BioAgilytix funded my participation in a University of California, Berkeley course that helped me to expand my point of view on immunology significantly. Additionally, when I began my role as a BPM, I was able to participate in a leadership class to learn effective managerial skills. I feel that BioAgilytix’s leadership is invested in equipping employees with the opportunities and skills they need to grow and succeed.

Are you able to see the larger impact of the work you do?
As a CRO, it can sometimes be hard to see the ultimate impact your work is making, but BioAgilytix has worked hard to reinforce the importance of what we are doing each day. They have invited customers to come present on how biotherapeutics we’ve worked on are proving successful for their indications. It’s also a great feeling when you read about an FDA approval of a drug you’ve worked on, and knowing that it will be able to have a direct impact on the quality of patients’ lives.

What do you like most about working at BioAgilytix?
The best thing about working at BioAgilytix is the people I get to work for. The senior members of the team who took an interest in me have made a difference in my career; they are so intelligent and have been so willing to share their best practices and unique perspectives. Even as the company has grown, the whole team still feels tight-knit and comes together to make all the work we do a worthwhile experience. Overall, BioAgilytix is an educational and fun place to work; I still get to learn something new every day.

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