This year, we are proud to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary and a decade of doing large molecule bioanalysis differently. From our inception, we have been committed to remaining at the leading edge of our rapidly changing industry so that we can be the ideal CRO partner for our clients’ complex large molecule projects. Since that time, we have worked to continue to expand BioAgilytix, not only in headcount and geographic locations, but also in the quality and quantity of the services and solutions we provide.

An integral key to our success has been the dedication of our scientific staff and employees – from operations to QC, QA, and Business Development – to providing our clients with the best science and service possible, always. Their commitment to delivering a different partnership experience to customers, which goes well beyond the way in which a CRO ‘typically’ works with a sponsor, has helped us to create a strong business, provide our clients with the premium bioanalytical solutions, and support life-changing treatments for patients around the world. We see this as a win-win-win.

Win #1: Creating Jobs in a Scientifically Strong Company
As a company, BioAgilytix has always been focused on growing our talent base and resources to support more customers and their innovative large molecule projects. We may have started as a team of just a few people a decade ago, but as we’ve expanded our laboratory facilities and footprint in North America and Europe, we’ve grown our employee base to over 200 people worldwide today. In fact, BioAgilytix has been included on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing private companies for four of the last five years.

The physical space and team growth we have undergone have allowed us to continue to build a company that is operationally and scientifically strong, and has enabled us to create exciting new career opportunities for both those interested in and already working in a STEM field. Our team members get to take part in a varied range of assay development and validation projects supporting breakthrough biologics, and because of this we have been able to recruit talent from around the world to continually build the depth and breadth of expertise within our scientific bench. This consistent growth also proves that BioAgilytix has been able to remain on the leading edge of biotherapeutics research and development and is successfully meeting increased customer demands for preclinical, clinical, and manufacturing support for immunogenicity, pharmacokinetic, cell-based assay, and biomarker studies.

Win #2: Helping Clients Advance Complex Bioanalytical Studies
As our company has grown, we have continued to build our expertise and evolve the way we do things to more closely match the needs of our clients, which means delivering our services scientist to scientist. Our collaborative approach facilitates open communication between our scientists and our customers’ own internal experts, and allows us to advance projects more quickly while maintaining quality results. Over the course of 10 years, our team has built a track record to be proud of, helping to move forward innovative but complex drug development projects that have shaped the industry in positive ways and that have enabled our customers to accelerate the release of safe, effective, and much-needed biotherapeutics.

As true industry thought leaders, many of our veteran scientists have also actively helped to shape guidance and best practices in large molecule bioanalysis over the past decade, and will continue to provide their valued perspectives to benefit our customers and the industry as a whole.

Win #3: Supporting Patients with Life-Changing Medical Interventions
When a life-changing drug hits the market, there are thousands of scientists that have influenced its success. At BioAgilytix, we are proud to have been part of that process for the past decade, and thank each of our team members who, each in their own unique ways, have contributed to this meaningful work. It is beyond exciting to see our mission of supporting innovative bioanalytical therapies come to fruition through successful drug deployments. Our involvement in these projects thus far has empowered the company to support more customers and help better the lives of the patients they serve through innovative biotherapeutics.

After a decade of impact, we look forward to continuing to further the BioAgilytix win-win-win over the next 10 years and beyond. To all of our employees, clients, colleagues, and friends: thank you for helping us make this a remarkable decade for BioAgilytix.