It takes more than a highly skilled lab team to deliver extraordinary science—our operational team members also directly impact BioAgilytix’s ability to support customers’ evolving bioanalytical needs. In this Q&A session, we talk with Charlie Walker, Associate Director of Finance at BioAgilytix, to learn more about his role, why he felt drawn to the bioanalytical industry, and how he gets to see his and his colleagues’ work play out in exciting ways, and for the benefit of patients in need.

Tell us a little about your background.
I went to East Carolina University for my undergraduate degree in Economics and then Masters of Science in Accounting. After school I went to work with KPMG and then EY in their Life Sciences practice. It was there that I had exposure to clients in the pharmaceutical/biotech space. I was really drawn to financial planning and analysis (FP&A) because I saw that it could make use of my skillset and have a real impact on a business, especially with managing growth through data-driven decision making. When I found BioAgilytix and saw how fast they were growing, as well as how highly they were recognized for quality and customer satisfaction, I knew it would be a great place to be.

How has your role evolved since joining BioAgilytix?
I started at BioAgilytix in March of 2016, and my position has evolved quite a bit over the past three years. I started as a Financial Analyst, and after about a year I moved to Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis. I was in that position for a year and a half before moving into the Associate Director of Finance role where I am now. My responsibilities have grown and I enjoy working directly with the CFO and assisting the management team with financial aspects of the corporate strategy. It’s exciting to help plot the course for the company which includes such incredible growth.

Last year was a big year as I was heavily involved in the acquisition by our new owner Cobepa. It was exciting to be part of such an important stepping stone in the growth and progression of BioAgilytix. It was also great for me personally to gain that experience. It was challenging but rewarding to see our story and our future laid out so clearly, which is that we’re up to some very big things.

How would describe the company culture at BioAgilytix?
What I see in the company is a constant culture of collaboration. We definitely put the clients first, and I see the sense of pride in the work everyone does, especially in the lab but also throughout all of our departments. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, especially in terms of quality. We also have an exceptional scientific staff in terms of who we hire and recruit. The continuous collaboration between the scientific team and other teams like my own really adds that extra layer of quality in everything we do. We like to have fun and get together.

We frequently have great reasons to get together over a beer and some food, whether it’s to celebrate a record-breaking month, or just because it’s a Thursday. We pride ourselves on our diversity as well. In the office there is a giant world map with pins indicating each employee’s home country, and it is lit up all over the Earth.

Although you’re not working directly in the lab, what are the things you enjoy about working in the bioanalytical field?
The work we do here really does matter. It’s inspiring to have clients come back to us and give presentations on the drugs they’ve had approved, which we’ve worked on, to basically say “thank you.” Because of the work we’ve done, they have been able to put their drugs on the market faster and have been able to impact a number of people’s lives. We have instances where employees in our company are actually using therapies we’ve helped get to market, and that’s really rewarding to see.

Something else that has been exciting is that we’ve become a big resource for companies that are in a bind with failing projects. They come to us to rescue their studies if things are going poorly with another CRO or if they’ve been rejected by the FDA. They trust us to help get their projects back on track so they can help patients get the care they need.

How did the acquisition of IPM Biotech (now BioAgilytix’s European headquarters) affect your position?
The acquisition of IPM Biotech happened in early 2016 right after I came to BioAgilytix. I went over to Germany to help integrate our financial systems. I worked with their team primarily on revenue recognition and revenue forecasting. Although we may have cultural differences, I discovered how unified we are in our processes and shared passion for delivering high-quality science.

What is your favorite thing about working at BioAgilytix?
It’s fun to work in an environment where we’re growing so quickly. That growth is a testament to the market demand for the very high quality services we are providing. It is exciting to look at projections and see all the numbers of a company that has incredible potential for a long time to come. I’m looking forward to seeing how we’ll progress and what the next life-changing drugs are that we’ll be able to help bring to market.

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