From The Stage

Key Takeaways from the 13th Annual WRIB, 2019

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Last month at WRIB, our scientific team had the opportunity to participate in a number of discussions surrounding the latest topics of interest in biomarkers, immunogenicity, and regulatory standards. We wanted to share some of the event takeaways we found most interesting and valuable.

Podcast Feature: Enabling the Breakthroughs of Tomorrow, Today

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BioAgilytix’s President and CEO, Jim Datin, sat down to discuss the exciting growth trends in large molecule development, and how BioAgilytix is growing in kind to support the increased need for specialized bioanalysis to accelerate these innovative therapies to market.

Immunogenicity Assessment of Gene Therapy Compounds

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By Dr. Arno Kromminga and Dr. Lydia Michaut
Gene therapy has experienced an exciting resurgence in the post-genomic era, but unwanted immunogenicity is still a concern. Our latest blog gives insight into the current concepts for designing an immunogenicity assessment strategy fitting the specific needs of a given gene therapy compound.

What Drives BioAgilytix’s #TeamBehindtheScience?

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What drives BioAgilytix’s #TeamBehindtheScience? Our own Thomas Corey Custer, Nora Freudenberger & Nathan Rudemiller discuss what led them to a scientific career & what propels them on a personal level.