CLIA, COLA & CAP: What’s the Difference?


BioAgilytix’s CLIA Laboratory Director, Natalie Smith, outlines the differences between CLIA, CAP & COLA regulations & accreditations, and what they mean for laboratory testing quality.

The Power of Being NYCE

A recent study using triple-edited ‘NYCE’ cells shows the possibilities of multiplex genome editing to effectively treat complex diseases like some cancers. We explore the promising results.

COVID-19: Testing for the “Cytokine Release Syndrome, CRS”

View of a Coronavirus Covid-19 Cell 3D image

New data suggests Cytokine Release Syndrome in patients with severe cases of COVID-19 may cause death. See how BioAgilytix can apply our validated MSD cytokine/chemokine panels to support cytokine monitoring in COVID-19 vaccine & therapeutic programs.