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Tag: Vaccines

Neoantigens Revive Vaccine Opportunities in Immuno-Oncology

Neoantigens are novel proteins that form on cancer cells following the development of mutations in the tumor-cell DNA. These proteins are new to the immune…

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ADCC and CDC Assay: Validation and Optimization

Antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) is a mechanism in host immune defense where antibodies bind to an antigen on the surface of a cell, targeting…

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The Benefits of Hiring the Right CRO

Short for Contract Research Organization, a CRO is a company that provides clinical research support to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries on a contract…

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Answering Your Questions on Developing a Relative Potency Assay for an Anti-Influenza mAb

Dr. Jeff Patrick answers questions on how BioAgilytix translated a diagnostic virus neutralization method to a quantitative relative potency assay for an anti-viral antibody.

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