Dr. Nicholson is an experienced and versatile leader, having held senior management positions in both R&D and Human Resources. As Vice President of Operations, Dr. Nicholson leads Gene and Cell Therapy bioanalytical services.

Prior to joining BioAgilytix, Dr. Nicholson spent nearly 13 years at Precision BioSciences where he held several leadership roles, including Executive Director of Scientific Operations, Vice President of R&D, and Senior Vice President of Research. Dr. Nicholson played a key role in developing Precision’s novel gene editing platform and led research teams focused on allogeneic CAR T therapies and gene editing-based gene therapies. Additionally, Dr. Nicholson led Human Resources for over 2 years as Chief People Officer.

Dr. Nicholson earned his BS in chemistry from SUNY Brockport, his PhD in molecular biology and genetics from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and carried out postdoctoral research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.