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What to Expect at AAPS 2020 PharmSci 360

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It’s that time of the year again. October 26th marks the beginning of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) PharmSci 360 event. This yearly assembly of pharmaceutical scientists from across the globe is designed to share research and exchange ideas in the pursuit of global health and the betterment of humanity. PharmSci 360 draws thousands of the scientific community’s brightest minds in what is one the largest scientific conversations of the year in this segment of the pharmaceutical industry. It provides an excellent opportunity for us to network with…

Platform Spotlight: ImmunoCAP to Support Diagnosis of Allergic Reactions Against Biologics

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The observation of drug-specific IgE antibodies which may cause anaphylaxis prompts the need to test for these antibodies - but because IgE are 2000-fold less prevalent than IgG antibodies, a very sensitive detection method is required. We discuss why the ImmunoCAP platform provides an ideal system to analyze IgE-mediated drug hypersensitivities.

The Fit for Flow Cytometry, Part 1: Ideal for Receptor Occupancy Assessment

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Flow cytometry is an ideal platform for many applications involving the study of complex cell populations. In the first blog of our new “The Fit for Flow” series, we discuss what makes flow cytometry the platform of choice for receptor occupancy (RO) studies.

Platform Spotlight: ProteinSimple Ella™ for Accurate and Reproducible Multiplex Biomarker Analysis

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When assessing biomarkers for multifactorial diseases, we ideally want to assess multiple analytes in the same experiment. That is where the value of multiplex biomarker analysis comes in – but this method also inherently creates potential challenges with cross-reactivity. We discuss how the ProteinSimple Ella platform enables multiplexing with excellent assay reproducibility, and how it can benefit studies with low sample volumes.

Ligand-Binding Assay Optimization, Part 1: Critical Attributes of Platforms Used

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Consistent discussion and improvement upon the standard practices of bioanalytical laboratories is critical to improving the work we do supporting innovative biologics development in the long-term. One of the rapidly advancing areas that is being regularly discussed in the industry is the evolution of ligand-binding assay (LBA) platforms. In this blog, I will summarize best practices and characteristics associated with LBA platforms as well as the features these platforms absolutely need to enable scientists to respond to industry pressures that drive demand for increasingly complex bioanalysis, condensed timelines, and continued…

Using Partnerships to Guide New Bioanalytical Technology Investments

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The rapidly changing bioanalytical industry can make it challenging for CROs to keep up with technology demands. However, organizations that establish strong and responsive partnerships with sponsor companies will be in the best position to deliver new value through new technology.