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BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet David Rusnak, Director of Laboratory Systems and Automation at BioAgilytix

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In this Q&A session we talk to David Rusnak, one of the first 3 employees to join BioAgilytix when it was founded 10 years ago and currently our Director of Laboratory Systems and Automation, to learn more about his experience growing with the organization from its very start – and what still keeps him excited to come to work each day.

BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Gabi Schewe, Lab Manager at BioAgilytix Europe

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In this Q&A session, we speak to longtime BioAgilytix Europe team member Gabi Schewe – who has been with the company since its founding as IPM Biotech in 1996 – to hear about the exciting and historic scientific advancements she has been part of with the company and what she believes has made its long-term success possible.

Have a Slipping Study? Don’t Change Your Assay, Change Your CRO

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A knowledgeable and committed CRO partner can make all the difference in a stalled out study, which in the right hands could go on to create a life-changing therapeutic innovation. We discuss what to look for in a “rescue project” partner.

Using Partnerships to Guide New Bioanalytical Technology Investments

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The rapidly changing bioanalytical industry can make it challenging for CROs to keep up with technology demands. However, organizations that establish strong and responsive partnerships with sponsor companies will be in the best position to deliver new value through new technology.

The Evolution of Bioanalytical Outsourcing Partnerships

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Bioanalytical outsourcing has changed dramatically in the past 30 years, which isn’t surprising when you consider how our economy, the healthcare market, technology, and drugs themselves have changed in that same period. To fully understand how we have arrived, as an industry, at a place where outsourcing is vital to our collective success, it is helpful to look back at where we started.