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Biologics Market Growth Demands Quality Science that Can Keep Pace

It is anticipated that biologics will comprise 50% of the top 100 drugs by 2021. But, given the structural complexities of large molecule drugs, adherence to stringent quality standards will be a necessary part of effectively bringing these innovations to market. We discuss why it will be essential for pharma and biotech companies to align with outsourced partners that can deliver the quality science large molecule bioanalysis demands.

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Strategic Bioanalytical Partnerships for the Win-Win-Win

For bioanalytical CROs, it is of critical importance to build an internal team capable of meeting their pharmaceutical and biotech customers’ drug development goals. However, many overlook the benefits of strategically aligning with external partners – those organizations that can add value to the CRO’s offerings, supplementing their solutions and services to make them more comprehensive and attractive to customers.

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BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Matt Bray, Scientist and Bioanalytical Project Manager

To gain a better understanding of how BioAgilytix delivers its premium bioanalytical services, it is important to know the people that drive our science. In this Q&A session, we get to know Matt Bray, Scientist/Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM) at BioAgilytix, and how he has grown with the company since starting as our very first analyst nearly 8 years ago.

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