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BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Christine Ford, Corporate Compliance Manager

For BioAgilytix, committed, engaged, and talented employees have been pivotal to our success since the founding of our company. To give you additional insight into how BioAgilytix’s premier science is supported by the best people, we’ve asked members of our Scientific, Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Control (QC) teams to share their experiences firsthand. Today we talk to Christine Ford, Corporate Compliance Manager at BioAgilytix’s North Carolina laboratory, to discuss

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BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Jessica Rohrman, Scientist II and Bioanalytical Project Manager

The best science demands the best people, and we believe the individuals that work at BioAgilytix are truly the top of the field. Their expertise and unwavering commitment to helping our customers meet their study goals drives the quality of bioanalytical services we deliver every day. Our employees’ perspectives are an important part of understanding BioAgilytix as a company. As such, we sat down and talked with members of the

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BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Angela Daniels, QC Specialist IV

For any bioanalytical lab, people are the most valuable resource; but for BioAgilytix, it is the passion that our people bring to their work each day that helps truly set our science and services apart. We want to give you more insight into the people behind our science, so we’ve been sitting down with members of our Scientific, Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Control (QC) teams so they can share

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Engaging Bioanalytical Talent Closes Continuity Gaps in Studies

How Engaging Bioanalytical Talent Closes Continuity Gaps in Studies

Continuity is an important factor in the success of a bioanalytical research study. Project handoffs between teams and/or individuals in the middle of development create knowledge gaps, which increase room for error and may ultimately result in timeline delays. That means CROs must continually focus on cultivating their most important resource—their people—to ensure they not only have the scientific skills to see a project through from start to finish, but

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Why Bioanalytical Technology Strategies Require an Analytical Approach

The technology used to support your biotherapeutics development project can have a major impact on study outcomes. The right platforms can improve assay speed and accuracy to give you quality results, faster, while the wrong choice can leave you lacking robust, reproducible data. With a plethora of advanced platform options available in the market today, it can be difficult for CROs to determine where to focus their investment, and for

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Outsourcing Bioanalysis to Enhance Your Large Molecule Development Strategy

Outsourcing Bioanalysis: An Opportunity to Enhance Your Large Molecule Development Strategy

The biologics market is rapidly growing, resulting in increased demands on pharmaceutical and biotech companies to produce novel biologics more quickly. In the past, many companies chose to handle drug development and production internally with an in-house team of scientists. However, with increased competition, restricted timeframes, and capacity challenges, it has become necessary for a majority of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, regardless of their size, to consider using CROs as

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Scientist illustration - CRO Selection is a Critical First Step

Right the First Time, for the Right Results: CRO Selection is a Critical First Step

Due to the inherent complexity of large molecule bioanalysis projects, choosing the right partner to support your study from the start is the most important step. A lack of seasoned expertise can result in costly setbacks, including delayed timelines, overrun budgets, and inadequate results. But knowledge alone is not always enough to deliver reliable assays within set timeframes; the CRO also has to have the capacity and technology needed to

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BioAgilytix illustrated scientists on globe - Leading the Way in Large Molecule Bioanalysis, Our Way

Leading the Way in Large Molecule Bioanalysis, Our Way

What makes BioAgilytix a different kind of bioanalytical CRO? It’s all in the way we do large molecule bioanalysis, and how we work together with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to accelerate the development of innovative biotherapeutics that can change and save patients’ lives. As you can see, our approach overcomes the common challenges that customers face when working with traditional CROs. Instead of settling for missed deadlines, little transparency, or

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The Future of Bioanalytical Outsourcing: What It Means for Our Industry

Today’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations must constantly innovate and evolve to meet novel requirements of developing increasingly effective (but increasingly complex) biotherapeutic innovations. This has spurred the need for new, more efficient approaches to biologics development, and while outsourcing has always played a key role in the bioanalytical field, the way pharma and biotech are using outsourced partners is continuing to change. A recent survey conducted by Bioanalysis Zone of

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BioAgilytix: From Solution Provider to Problem Solver

As a bioanalytical lab, of course we’re expected to provide our customers with bioanalytical services. However, we work to provide our customer with more than just what they hire us for. We are not just a service provider; we are expert partners and problem solvers, fully committed to each and every one of our customers’ studies. Going the extra mile is how we have been able to build our business

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