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Receptor Occupancy Flow Cytometry Assays

This is the final blog in our three-part flow cytometry series. Part 1 highlighted the broad application of flow cytometry for bioanalysis, part 2 investigated the use of flow for immunogenicity assessment for cell therapies, and in this third installment we will discuss the application of flow for receptor occupancy. Many immunotherapeutic drugs act through binding a target that is expressed on the surface of cells within the body. The

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Flow Cytometry Assays for Cell Therapy

As we continue our blog series on flow cytometry, we’ll now dive into how this powerful capability supports multiple types of cell therapies. If you missed the first installment on flow cytometry in bioanalysis, you can find it here.  Advances in Large Molecule Drugs The landscape of large molecule drugs is continually changing as new technologies, and previously unidentified targets, have become available to drug developers. Specifically, there has been

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Flow Cytometry – What’s Old is New Again

Analytical testing of therapeutic compounds often requires data at the single-cell level. Flow cytometry is a versatile technology that can analyze multiple characteristics of cells and provides a wealth of data from clinical samples. A few examples include: In this post, the first in a three-part series, we’ll explore how flow cytometry came about and how the technology has advanced over the years. A Brief History of Flow Cytometry Flow

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Flow Cytometry in Bioanalysis: Application, Utility and Recent Advancements

Flow Cytometry in Drug Development Flow cytometry is a technique that is used to analyze multiple characteristics of single cells. These characteristics include cell size, cytoplasmic complexity of the cell, as well as expression of cell surface and intracellular proteins. This unique technology utilizes fluidics, optics, and electronic components to interrogate each cell by lasers as it flows through the sample stream. The dispersed light and emissions from excited fluorophores

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