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Your Partner for COVID-19 Testing

It’s time to get your testing plan in place.

BioAgilytix Diagnostics’ customized COVID-19 testing solutions support your immediate and long-term needs to bring employees back to the workplace quickly and keep them safe once there.

How We Support Employer-Driven Testing


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Testing for Active Infection

To Identify Those with COVID-19

Our test, which has Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA, will diagnose if a person is negative or positive for COVID-19, even if they have not shown symptoms.

Collected via Nasal or Nasopharyngeal Swabs
Saliva collection pending approval

covid-19 antibody testing

Antibody Testing

To Understand Exposure

This testing identifies individuals that have developed an immune response to COVID-19, indicating that they were infected and have already recovered from the virus.

Collected via Blood Draw


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covid-19 sample testing


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We process all samples at our CLIA-accredited lab in Boston, MA—a premier diagnostic testing facility able to customize testing solutions to your needs.


We’re a partner for employers looking to implement proactive testing to screen the health of their workplace communities—now and on an ongoing basis—to help reduce COVID-19 exposure and spread.

Your Partner for Complete, Proactive Testing Plans

As lockdowns begin to lift, organizations must focus on managing the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. But you’ve never faced this before, so where do you start?

At BioAgilytix Diagnostics, sample handling and testing is our business and we can help you craft an efficient strategy that is backed by the best science and appropriate for your employee population.

We’ll help you create a Return-to-Work Screening strategy that accounts for:

  • Screening Approach
    First we’ll help you determine the right volume and frequency of testing and how testing will be conducted and timed.
  • Sample Collection
    Next we’ll define the most efficient and cost-effective collection process for your workplace.
  • Testing Logistics
    We will build a screening schedule optimized for your unique location, population, and staffing support.
  • Data & Reporting
    Through customized reporting we deliver test results in a timely manner and in the format you need.

    We also report all results to the CDC for you.

You can also use & distribute these helpful fact sheets with more information:

Fact Sheet for Employees Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers

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Your Testing Partner Now & for the Long-Term

While you must take action today to prepare for re-opening, you’ll also need ongoing testing to protect your workplace community over time.

BioAgilytix Diagnostics is here to support both your immediate and future COVID-19 testing needs.

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