Droplet Digital PCR QX200, QX One

For High Throughput, Multiplexed and Integrated Droplet Digital PCR.

BioAgilytix offers Droplet Digital PCR QX200, QX One from Bio-Rad as part of our extensive technology suite supporting PCR analysis. Our scientists typically turn to this modality to deliver precise and multiplexed PCR analysis for absolute quantification. This system seamlessly integrates a standard ddPCR workflow of droplet generation, thermal cycling, droplet reading, and analysis into a robust platform.

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The QX200 and QX ONE ddPCR Systems seamlessly integrate a standard digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) workflow of droplet generation, thermal cycling, droplet reading, and analysis platform. ddPCR is inherently more precise than traditional PCR as ddPCR amplifies individual DNA fragments rather than from bulk sampled DNA in traditional PCR. In ddPCR, DNA fragments are partitioned uniquely via droplets which allows direct counting of the number of DNA molecules within a sample which leads to its precision and sensitivity. 

The QX ONE ddPCR System allows for walk-away automation of the ddPCR process with a 5-plate capacity. The automation also allows for ease of multiplexing capacity for sample analysis. Overall the QX ONE ddPCR System is highly precise and reproducible due to its minimal manual handling and automation in droplet creation.

Why BioAgilytix for ddPCR Analysis?

Our team has extensive expertise in PCR assay development, optimization, validation and analysis. We already offer a large suite of PCR analysis and adding ddPCR through the QX ONE ddPCR System for multiplexed, automated, and precise PCR analysis is a natural fit to help our experienced team provide clients with the most accurate results possible.


BioAgilytix uses ddPCR QX200 and QX One for absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA molecules without the need for a standard curve. QX ONE ddPCR System is used for its multiplexing capabilities to simultaneously detect multiple targets. The walk-away automation of the QX ONE allows our scientists to provide error-free results due to the lack of pipetting errors. The possibilities of genomic analysis from the QX ONE are endless and can range from gene expression analysis and cancer biomarker studies to pathogen detection, biodistribution and cellular kinetics. Our experienced team can work with you to devise the best assay for your needs using the QX200 or QX ONE ddPCR System.

KEY QX ONE ddPCR BENEFITS: Walk-Away Automation, Multiplexing Capabilities, Simultaneous Target Detection and Precision

The QX ONE ddPCR System is able to deliver highly sensitive, and reproducible results. The system is fully automated and enables walk-away automation and ease of multiplexing. ddPCR allows for simultaneous target detection without the need for reference materials due to the precision from droplet generation. Automation also eliminates pipetting error and leads to further reproducibility.

Top Benefits Of QX ONE System

  • Automation
  • High Sensitivity and Precision
  • Multiplexing
  • Reproducible Results
  • Simultaneous Gene Detection


The QX200 and QX ONE ddPCR Systems are part of BioAgilytix’s extensive portfolio of PCR technologies and automation systems supporting our core genomic services. As a world-class provider of bioanalysis, we often deal with complex assay demands, and the QX ONE ddPCR system platform enables us to more effectively address our customers’ multiplex molecular challenges. We are continuously optimizing our support for genomics and PCR analysis, and ddPCR equips us with an advanced tool to offer absolute quantification for bioanalysis.

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