Jennifer T. Durham, Ph.D.
Dr. Durham serves as an Associate Director of Scientific Services at BioAgilytix in Boston where she oversees molecular biology endeavors. She earned her B.A. in Biology at Boston University, where she contributed to the understanding of muscle development by studying the transcriptional regulation of a novel gene, myospryn. Her Ph.D. thesis work at Tufts University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences focused on a novel cytoskeletal capping protein in modulating angiogenesis and wound healing in diabetic retinopathy. She continued this work as a post-doctoral fellow at Tufts University School of Medicine, studying how mechanical forces in muscle cells influenced cellular growth, migration, and angiogenic processes. At BioAgilytix, Dr. Durham leads a scientific team in efforts to develop, qualify, and/or validate fit-for purpose molecular biology assays in accordance with applicable regulatory guidelines (e.g., GLP, GCP/GCLP, CAP/CLIA). Working to deliver quality science and service, Dr. Durham and her team support a wide variety of clients on projects ranging from early discovery stages to fully regulated clinical trials.