Peter Leitner

Peter has over twenty five years of quantitative immunoassay development and analyses experience in research institutions, including BioAgilytix, DRMHI and GlaxoSmithKline. He has experience optimizing and utilizing numerous protein biomarker assay platforms for PK/PD studies, including MSD, BioPlex, ELISA, DELFIA, TR-FRET, FP and RIA assays. Peter’s responsibilities at BioAgilytix include automating and validating bioanalytical methods, performing routine sample analyses in addition to programming SAS JMP to define cut points for immunogenicity studies, optimize assays with DOE and perform univariate analyses of clinical data. Peter serves as a project manager for several projects including biomarker studies, validating GMP lot release assays and product generation. At DHMRI, Peter developed an efficient and automated process to characterize and utilize protein biomarker assays; his group quantified over 50 targeted biomarkers in the MURDOCK epidemiological study.

At GlaxoSmithKline, Peter developed methodology and VBA code to integrate automation and experimental design, resulting in a systematic and streamlined approach to develop new assays. He was the manager of the protein biomarker group at the RTP site of GSK, where his group optimized and qualified over 100 biomarker assays to support numerous studies, including metabolic, cardiovascular, virology and sarcopenia drug development projects. Peter has a B.S. in microbiology from Cornell University.