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BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Dr. Isabel Bernges, Project Manager & Study Coordinator at BioAgilytix Europe

BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Dr. Isabel Bernges, Project Manager & Study Coordinator at BioAgilytix Europe

The individuals that work at BioAgilytix are committed to advancing bioanalytical innovation, allowing us to support our customers’ most complex large molecule studies. To help you understand how our people contribute to our success, we’ve been interviewing members of our Scientific, Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), and Business Development teams to hear their stories about life at BioAgilytix.

In this Q&A session, we talk to Dr. Isabel Bernges, Project Manager & Study Coordinator at BioAgilytix Europe, as she describes her evolving role and how the work that she and her team conducts impacts clinical outcomes.

Tell us about your scientific background and how you came to work at BioAgilytix’s European headquarters.
When I was studying to be a pharmacist in Germany, I was always particularly interested in pharmacology and drug interactions. Based on that interest, I eventually earned a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and began to work in drug development for the first time, specifically in target identification. I knew I wanted to continue to work in drug development, but I realized that I wanted to be in a role where I had more insight into later preclinical and clinical work. I was very interested in working for IPM Biotech (now BioAgilytix’s European headquarters) because it was clear to me that biotherapeutics and immunology would be important in the future of drug development, and the company has a stellar reputation as a leader in large molecule bioanalysis to support these areas.

Tell us a little about your role and how it has evolved.
I have been with the company since 2015. I was initially brought on as a Principal Investigator (PI), which included a lot of scientific work as well as client service, document writing, and coordination duties. Due to the growth of our company and the related increase of client projects, we decided to implement a new position consisting of project management with some study coordination tasks. I decided to accept this role, which is currently more focused on establishing a project management system, using my experience and knowledge of internal processes; other parts of this new position (e.g. study coordination) are still being defined. It has actually been a great experience for me in that I have been able to help shape the responsibilities of the new Project Manager/Study Coordinator position and I have already provided some input for internal process improvements.

Overall the goal is to capture and analyze the objectives of all PIs and analysts so that we can properly balance resources and projects to meet customer timelines and development goals. Another really central task we have, by capturing project objectives, is the optimization of our internal processes. By analyzing timelines and resources of recent and ongoing projects, we will be able to continually identify improvement opportunities.

How do you help to facilitate communication between departments?
We have implemented meetings within the operational team, but also interdisciplinary meetings where employees can align around project objectives and planning for future undertakings. I actively participate in these meetings to gain an overview of the status for all projects for management reporting and planning. It is interesting for me because I get the interface with many different departments; for example, I have contact with the QA and Business Development teams if there are certain project challenges where we could use their input, or I will be able to support the Finance team to capture all work. For me it is all about creating processes to best facilitate active and open communications company-wide.

Are you able to see the impact of the work you do on a larger scale?
BioAgilytix’s work does end up impacting patients’ lives for the better. As a company, we support the type of biosimilar testing that allows drugs to be accessible to patients and we also work to make drugs safer through ADA testing. Overall, as a CRO working in preclinical and clinical studies, we get to help bring innovative drugs to market. It is a great feeling to be involved in projects that you know are life-changing.

What do you like most about working at BioAgilytix?
I really enjoy the people I work with on a daily basis, which is an essential factor since I am with them all the time. There is a strong feeling of support among all of my colleagues; someone is always willing to help with a scientific challenge. In addition to the great people, I also have the opportunity to work independently and come up with solutions for process issues. I love that I have the chance to bring in new ideas and my perspective from my time as a Principal Investigator to help drive efficiencies in my Project Manager/Study Coordinator role and across the whole organization.

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