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Dr. Afshin Safavi
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BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Samuel Pine, Director of Bioanalytical Operations, Europe

BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Samuel Pine, Director of Bioanalytical Operations, Europe

BioAgilytix is committed to conducting our science the right way the first time, and it is our employees’ problem-solving mentality that allows us to effectively deliver robust results for our clients. To help you learn more about how our people contribute to our customers’ success, we’ve been interviewing members of our Scientific, Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), and Business Development teams to hear their stories about life at BioAgilytix.

In this Q&A session, we talk to Samuel Pine, Director of Bioanalytical Operations at BioAgilytix Europe, to find out why he moved to Germany for this role and what he thinks sets BioAgilytix apart.

Tell us a little bit about your scientific background and role at BioAgilytix.
I have been working in life sciences and research and development for over twenty years. I actually went to work directly after I got my bachelors degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and then went back to school eight years later to get my Ph.D. in Pathobiology. My work experience ranges from time spent in the industry with pharmaceutical startups and big pharma companies to research institutes, large consortiums and academia. I have specific expertise in vaccine, viral immunology and viral immunodiagnostics as well as therapeutic areas including infectious diseases, ophthalmology, GI, dermatology and neurology.

Today, as the Director of Bioanalytical Operations of BioAgilytix Europe, I lead operations here in our Hamburg, Germany lab to help our team deliver high quality bioanalytical studies to a worldwide clientele. We’ve been in an exciting phase of growth since I’ve come on board, and a large part of my role involves working to further refine processes and improve operational efficiencies so that we can continue to scale efficiently and meet the evolving needs of our expanding customer base.

What initially drove you to join the BioAgilytix team?
I first encountered BioAgilytix as their customer. I remembered the quality work that they did on a complex cell-based assay project we brought them and the positive impression I got of the organization as a whole. Later when I was looking to make a career move, I saw an open position at BioAgilytix Europe and jumped on the opportunity to apply. Having already experienced their commitment to quality on the client side, I knew their values aligned with mine and that I would be working for the kind of organization that could deliver on the promise of premium science and service.

How was the transition into your role at BioAgilytix’s European headquarters?
I am from the US, so making a move to Germany with my entire family was a big step. But, I actually had already learned German during college including an exchange year spent in Germany a working to become fluent. I hadn’t really used it until, 20 years later, the opportunity with BioAgilytix Europe opened up in Hamburg, and it felt like it was meant to be. The ability to come here and help lead the team in Germany has been such a significant opportunity for me and for my career. I’m almost a year in now, but I am still constantly challenged and learning a lot. When I started with the company, the lab here in Europe employed about 35-40 people. Our staff has grown along with the rest of the company, and by the end of 2018, we’ll have up to 60 people working here. It has been incredibly rewarding to be a part of and to help drive that growth.

What do you think differentiates BioAgilytix from other CROs?
BioAgilytix is different than your standard CRO because we have the ability to think critically and exclusively about large molecule bioanalysis; it is our sole focus. We spend all of our effort and brainpower becoming better at this one area – all day and every day – and I really see that as an advantage for our customers. We have this depth of expertise that is supported by industry-leading scientists, and clients are finding that they can come to us for not just analysis, but also really complex and innovative assay development projects that can ultimately support the development of truly game-changing therapeutics.

What do you like most about working at BioAgilytix?
Everyone here has the right attitude about producing quality science that is right the first time. I love that, collectively, we get satisfaction out of knowing that we did our jobs well. Not only are the people I work with committed to our work, but they are also fun and collaborative, making BioAgilytix an enjoyable place to come to work every day.

On a larger scale, it is rewarding for me to get to be a part of the drug development process for all of our clients. I really appreciate getting to see a snapshot of what is going on across the entire industry and see the impact that our work has in creating innovative new therapies that are changing patients’ lives for the better.

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Interested in joining the BioAgilytix team? Visit our careers site to learn more about what it’s like to work at BioAgilytix and to view our current career opportunities.

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