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Dr. Arno Kromminga
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BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Soubhik Banerjee, Director of Business Development at BioAgilytix Europe

BioAgilytix Team Q&A: Meet Soubhik Banerjee, Director of Business Development at BioAgilytix Europe

Collaboration is important for any team in any organization, but when you operate in a technical field that requires a high degree of expertise and skill, it becomes even more critical. This is why we have worked hard to foster a culture of teamwork between employees throughout our company and across the continents on which we operate – because whether they are a veteran employee or brand new to our organization, every person on our team can benefit from the open exchange of ideas, experiences, and insights.

In this Q&A session, Soubhik Banerjee, Director of Business Development at BioAgilytix Europe, talks with us about this collaboration and how the entire BioAgilytix team has supported him during his first few months with the company.

Tell us a little bit about your background.
Since the beginning of my career, I have worked in a variety of sales roles in the pre-clinical and clinical CRO industries in Asia and Europe. Cumulatively I have over 15 years of sales experience and have had the opportunity to sell both equipment and services. I started my career in the United States after graduating from Wayne State University with an MS in Molecular Biotechnology. A few years later I made a move to Singapore to work for a pre-clinical CRO. There I had the opportunity to work as a Business Manager at a larger international CRO, where I led a team of 30 people from BD, sales, quality assurance, quality control, and finance in an operational capacity. I moved to Germany with my wife, who is German, when our son was born, and transferred to their German branch to do business development there. Just before joining BioAgilytix in Hamburg, I worked for a full-service clinical CRO as the EU Director of Business Development.

How did you come to join BioAgilytix’s European team?
I have only been working at BioAgilytix’s Hamburg location for about four months, but I actually first interviewed with the company a year earlier. I had met with Arno Kromminga, Afshin Safavi, and William Hunter, and they all shared with me a promising outlook for BioAgilytix’s potential growth trajectory and the overall success of the company. It left me with a very positive impression. Eventually, the nature of my role at my previous company started to shift due to broader changes within the organization, and I knew it was time to move on. At that point, William reached out again about my current role. He was able to update me on the recent achievements and growth of BioAgilytix, which were as exciting as he had predicted. With that, I was sold that BioAgilytix in Hamburg would be the best next step for my career.

Tell us a little about your current role.
I am a Director of Business Development for Europe, responsible for building relationships and our overall customer base in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in particular. I also work closely with scientists and senior management to make sure our clients’ projects go smoothly. There is a lot of opportunity for me here, and I am looking forward to growing in this role and progressing to the next steps.

How has BioAgilytix’s European headquarters supported you in this role in your first few months on the job?
They have supported me in multiple ways as I have settled into my new role. Many of the Bioanalytical Project Managers (BPMs) reach out to me on a regular basis to offer help on some of the more complex solutions I am tasked with selling. I have also received extensive support from our executive leadership team – including Arno Kromminga, Afshin Safavi, Dominique Gouty, and William Hunter– when it comes to understanding customer needs and the nuances between different accounts. I have worked at a lot of CROs, and I have never seen an organization that supports their employees like this. The entire team genuinely wants to help others succeed. So far it has been a great experience.

How do collaboration and communication come into play in your role?
Collaboration with the scientists helps me in my role a lot; I am not a bioanalytical expert, but they are helping me ramp up quickly! The information they share with me not only helps me to understand what we sell, but also what our specific value proposition and differentiation is in the way we deliver those services. This knowledge allows me to anticipate the clients’ needs more effectively and proactively offer solutions. In addition to the scientists, senior management plays an active role in helping define what works in our messaging, positioning, and pitch to tailor to individual clients depending on their business, market, and geographic regions.

What industry opportunities do you see coming for BioAgilytix in Europe?
I have only been with the company for a few months, and it is apparent that the reputation for quality and expertise is tied to the name BioAgilytix. I think as we work to have more brand recognition throughout Europe, there will be a lot of opportunities for more projects with new partners. Our senior management is very accessible, so being able to quickly set up meetings between potential clients and our seasoned experts is very helpful.

What do you think sets BioAgilytix apart from other CROs in the industry for customers?
Generally in the industry, over commitment and slipping deadlines are common issues. Conversely, project managers at BioAgilytix’s European headquarters are very upfront and honest with customers about what timeline will be realistic and openly discuss potential challenges. This communication continues throughout the lifecycle of the project with regular touch points between both parties. This level of communication and partnership is unique, and allows us to consistently deliver within the timeframes we set up front.

How would you describe BioAgilytix’s company culture in Europe?
BioAgilytix’s European headquaerters is a very positive place to work. There is a lot of energy, and everyone has the right mentality and attitude to grow BioAgilytix into a well-known global CRO with a reputation for value-add partnership. Everyone is so supportive and has been very helpful during my transition period. I genuinely enjoy working with both the team here in Hamburg and in Durham.

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