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BioAgilytix Innovates and Grows in the ‘National Innovation Triangle’

Jim Datin
Posted by Jim Datin / / BioAgilytix Insight, CRO Selection

When people hear the word innovation, they most often think of Silicon Valley or the Boston-New York corridor—but as a recent Newsweek Elite Reports article featuring BioAgilytix finds, North Carolina is rising quickly to the forefront of such conversations as the third pillar of the ‘National Innovation Triangle’. In fact, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis found North Carolina to have the nation’s fastest growing economy between Q1 2013 and Q1 2015. Much of this is due to the pharmaceutical and biotech R&D happening in and around…

Taking the Stage on Bioanalytical Topics – Looking Back & Looking Ahead

Jim Datin
Posted by Jim Datin / / BioAgilytix Insight, Biomarkers, CRO Selection

Welcome to BioAgilytix’s new blog, which gives you the chance to tap the expertise and insights of our talented team on a regular basis. This forum gives us a new way to share firsthand scientific perspectives on everything from overarching bioanalytical industry trends to specific assay challenges, platform uses, case studies, and more.Like our Virtual Podium series – in which we engage industry thought leaders to share their expertise, experiences, and advice via timely, on-demand video segments – we hope that this blog will also become a valuable resource for…