Large Molecule Sample Analysis at Scale:

Why Veteran Expertise is Critical to Success

When it comes to large volume sample analysis, it is a common misconception that the quality of instrumentation and facility are enough to ensure accurate, consistent results.

This may be true for analysis of small molecule drugs, which have simple, stable, well-defined structures and little ability to initiate immune responses. In contrast, large molecule drugs are complex, unstable, sensitive to external conditions, and immunogenic—making it difficult to completely characterize their molecular composition and heterogenicity.

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Because of their complexities, large molecule sample analysis still requires the oversight of an “A” team of scientists. This need is made even more critical when conducting analysis in large volumes, where small errors can compromise significant amounts of data.

At BioAgilytix, we understand these challenges and in turn treat large volume, large molecule sample analysis differently than traditional CROs. We don’t assume automation alone will ensure accurate results. We make sure your project is led and conducted by scientists who are well-versed in the complexities of biologics and that have proven skills navigating their analytical intricacies.


  • We assign a team averaging 15+ years of bench experience and with vast first-hand experience conducting analysis of biologics in a number of sample matrices.
  • Every project is led by a Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM), a seasoned scientific director who actively oversees your sample analysis team from start to finish.
  • We leverage a robust suite of bioanalytical platforms to perform fast, efficient analysis with high throughput and reproducible results.