How to win client trust as a CRO

By Afshin Safavi, Ph.D. – Founder and CSO of BioAgilytix


In my previous articles published in July and August 2015 on Bioanalysis Zone, I briefly described how I established a successful CRO using personal credit, and how I surrounded myself with an ‛A’ team. In this article, I would like to share with you perhaps the most important element in a successful CRO/Client relationship, and that is: TRUST.

The act of building trust with your pharmaceutical and biotech clients is similar to how trust is built between friends – both require time, mutual respect and appreciation. However, the components required to build trust between a CRO and its clients are complicated due to the involvement of various teams in this matrix relationship. I will discuss how numerous teams within the CRO and sponsor organization work together to establish trust, and ultimately a fruitful partnership.

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