Starting a CRO on Personal Credit

By Afshin Safavi, Ph.D. – Founder and CSO of BioAgilytix


It was the mid-2000s when I first started thinking to myself, “there must be a better way to do this.” At the time, I was working as a Senior Scientist for a mid-size biopharmaceutical company. I managed a small team of talented people developing immunoassays in support of non-clinical and clinical studies for large molecule biotherapeutics. My team was responsible for the identification, audit, selection and outsourcing of assays to various contract research organizations (CROs).

After several years working with CROs on the innovator side of the business, I began to notice an important trend. Regardless of the size of the CRO, the quality of the work that I received was most dependent on the specific team managing and working on my projects. After some years of experience and numerous failed CRO partnerships, I started thinking, “What would I do if I owned a CRO? What would I keep the same and what would I do differently than all the others out there?”


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