BioAgilytix Labs Launches COVIDence™ Program for COVID-19 Workforce Testing

End-to-End Service Handles All Aspects of Sample Collection Logistics, Testing, and Results Reporting for Employers & Guides Effective COVID-19-Related Risk Mitigation Strategies

August 17, 2020—Durham, NC—BioAgilytix Labs, a premier global bioanalytical laboratory with a specialized diagnostic testing division, has announced the launch of COVIDence™, a complete COVID-19 workforce testing service supporting employers across the U.S. in their efforts to mitigate COVID-19 exposure and spread within their workforces. The company has engaged to provide the technology and logistics infrastructure that powers the COVIDence testing program. Together, they offer employers a one-stop solution to rapidly deploy and easily manage employee testing, backed by reliable testing and results that can be used to effectively guide COVID-19-related risk mitigation strategies.

COVIDence handles all aspects related to the logistics and execution of COVID-19 workforce testing for the employer. BioAgilytix provides advisement and oversight throughout the process and on an ongoing basis to ensure program delivery is tailored to each organization’s unique business requirements, workplace dynamics, and state-specific regulations. Once testing is ordered, sample collection kits are delivered or qualified health professionals are deployed to the employer’s location to collect samples on-site. Pre-labeled, postage paid mailers are provided to the employer to easily ship collected samples to BioAgilytix’s lab. BioAgilytix is able to perform viral and antibody testing using the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)-approved, PCR-based TaqPath™ COVID-19 test to identify active COVID-19 infection and the Roche cobas Elecsys® Anti-SARS-CoV-2 serology test to identify individuals who have developed antibodies from past exposure to COVID-19. Test results are made available within 24 to 48 hours of sample receipt, which allows for a 100% digital workflow to further minimize operational burden.

“COVID-19 has impacted millions of businesses, and as a diagnostic testing lab with a 20-year history supporting infectious disease diagnostics, we are in a unique position to be part of the solution,” said David Osband, Director of Diagnostics Business Development at BioAgilytix. “We have been able to get a complete, best-in-class testing program to market swiftly to support businesses working through the pandemic. We’re proud to provide high-quality testing that yields reliable results employers can count on to make critical decisions during this uncertain time. That is really what we are delivering with COVIDence: the confidence of having organized, actionable data on COVID-19 exposure. With it, employers can immediately address known positives, proactively prevent spread, and keep teams safe at work.”

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