On-Demand Webinar: Exploratory Biomarker Testing – to Qualify or Validate the Assay?

Presenter: Dr. Afshin Safavi, Founder & Board Member at BioAgilytix

Co-Hosted with: Bioanalysis Zone

With the question ‘should we qualify or validate an exploratory biomarker assay before sample testing?’ in mind, Dr. Safavi will review and discuss the latest scientific and regulatory considerations for the analytical validation of assays for fluid-based biomarkers used in the qualification of drug development tools (DDTs). Topics will cover:

  • Latest industry practices in exploratory biomarker testing
  • Considerations for assay design and technology selection
  • Optimization of pre-analytical factors
  • Core assay performance expectations
  • Setting minimally acceptable assay performance criteria

You can learn more about the topics Dr. Safavi covers in his pre-webinar blog.

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