Our Customers are Our Biggest Advocates

We’re proud to be regarded as a valued partner to our clients – including some of the top global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, rising biotechs, and innovative leaders in industries like agricultural biotechnology.

Having seen the results of our work firsthand, our customers are the best source of knowledge on what it’s like when you partner with BioAgilytix.

“In the end, I am most interested in quality results. With BioAgilytix, I know that I am working with veteran scientists capable of solving my toughest problems.

-Director of PK/Immunogenicity, Top 5 Pharma

BioAgilytix has repeatedly exceeded our expectations. This is really no surprise given the quality and experience level of their scientists.”

-Head of Biomarker Development, Top 10 Pharma

Working with BioAgilytix removes the guess work. I always know the status of my project because their team of senior scientists communicates regularly.”

-Clinical Manager, Top 5 Pharma

The veteran scientists at BioAgilytix promote continuous communication and collaboration. I am always confident that my projects will be completed successfully.”

-Head of Bioanalytical Development, Top 10 Biotech

“Their inherent skill and technical knowledge, their communication and the fact that we can trust them, make them a great partner. We trust in their science.

-Outsourcing Manager, Top 5 Biotech

“They go to great lengths to make sure we are as happy as we can be. Any time we need something done quickly… they are right on it.

-Contracts Manager, Top 5 Pharma

“Without good communication, you can be the best scientist in the world and will fail. BioAgilytix has both, which is great.

-Outsourcing Manager, Top 5 Agriculture

You can expect positive interaction at all levels – at the bench, at the supervisory level, and at the top.”

-Senior Scientist, Biotech

“They’re not ‘check off’-oriented, we can really see the passion in their approach.

-Head of Biomarker/Serology Assays, Top 10 Pharma

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