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We lead our industry by channeling robust expertise in immunoassays and cell-based assays to help our customers innovate more quickly and dependably through all phases of assay development, validation, and testing.

We channel our unrivaled track record in leveraging immunoassays and enzymatic assays to support the development of therapeutics in kidney, cardiac and muscle injury using a diverse array of sample types ranging from plasma, to urine, serum and other bodily fluids.

Use the paragraphs below to learn what an immunoassay is, how it can be powerfully leveraged to enable innovation, how it can be enhanced by a series of platforms, and how we lead the industry in immunoassay knowledge and experience.

Lot Bridging Considerations for Immunoassay Kits in Biomarker Studies

What is an Immunoassay?

An immunoassay is a technique or test used to detect the presence or quantity of a substance (as a protein) based on its capacity to act as an antigen. The essential and fundamental elements of an immunoassay are the analyte (or substance being measured), an antibody, and a detectable label. Analytes vary and can include large molecules, antibodies or even small molecules. Immunoassays are quite frequently leveraged with calibrators, or reference materials.

Immunoassays are inherently used to measure quickly, accurately, and flexible—both inside the laboratory and out. Its function lies in the ability of an antibody, found in a variety of substances, to bind with the structure of an individual antigen or analyte.

How are Immunoassays Used?

Over time, the nature of immunoassays used across medical and laboratory-based settings has evolved greatly, and varies on the basis of the analyte being measured as well as changing setting needs and requirements. Immunoassay formats have become progressively faster and more dependable, favoring ease of use and accuracy for the end user. In bioanalytical laboratories such as BioAgilytix, immunoassays apply across a diverse range of therapeutics and are often leveraged in conjunction with diagnostic platforms.


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Immunoassay Technologies and Platforms

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    he use of immunoassays in partnership with an array of technologies and platforms pairs their fundamental function with high-throughput techniques and laboratory automation to enhance applicability, speed, reliability and reproducibility.

    Tools for laboratory automation are not new to the bioanalytical laboratory, but their usefulness continues to expand its pervasive effect. Automated immunoassay equipment platforms provide analytical support in the development of a diverse range of life-changing biopharmaceutical therapeutics.

    BioAgilytix leverages an array of such platforms to support the delivery of its immunoassay services, including ELISAMSD-ECLGyrolab and Flow Cytometry. A brief explanation of these four platforms is provided here. For a full listing of the technology platforms leveraged by BioAgilytix, click here.

    Common Immunoassay Platforms

    • ELISA: One of BioAgilytix’s core competencies, the ELISA method brings high precision, high throughput and improved reliability to immunoassay applications.
    • MSD-ECL: Widely used within BioAgilytix’s lab facility, MSD-ECL is a strong alternative to ELISA when higher sensitivity, broader range and lower sample volumes are needed.
    • Gyrolab: These cutting edge workstations empower BioAgilytix’s immunoassay experts to generate higher quality data from smaller sample sizes, while empowering automated workflows.
    • Flow Cytometry: BioAgilytix leverages two flow cytometers for powerful and simultaneous event recording.

    Immunoassay Technologies and Platforms

    BioAgilytix’s Immunoassay Expertise

    Our specialty in developing and validating immunoassays provides our customers with an advanced laboratory partnership that delivers for even the most challenging bioanalytical requirements. Too often, innovation is stalled due to assay complexity and the problems that result. Our robust expertise ensures that bioanalytical laboratory services are dependably delivered, without a hitch.

    Call on BioAgilytix, the Immunoassay Experts, Today

    At BioAgilytix, our team of scientists brings extensive expertise dealing with immunoassays and cell-based assays. This expertise is responsible for studies that led to the discovery of several key drugs on the market today.

    To learn about BioAgiltix’s comprehensive specialty in immunoassay and cell-based assay services, click here.

    Let us help you bring clarity to the complexities of immunoassays in the development of life-changing innovations.