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The Challenges of Standardizing Commercial Kits for Biomarker Quantification: Work Planning and Vendor Selection

As we mentioned in Part 1 of our series, there are some pitfalls that need to be avoided when using a commercially available immunoassay kit for biomarker quantification. Many of these can be overcome in the earliest phases of kit selection and validation, if you have the right biomarker work plan in place from the start. We all know the saying “it all starts with a plan”, and novel biomarker

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The Challenges of Standardizing Commercial Kits for Biomarker Quantification in Drug Development: Part 1

Commercial immunoassay kits are an increasingly popular solution for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to expedite the drug development process during the discovery, preclinical and clinical study phases, and to rein in growing drug development costs in their organization. However, issues can arise when working with commercial immunoassay kits, because the way in which kit manufacturing companies characterize, describe, and market their kits is not standardized, and this can sometimes negatively

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Assay Design for Immunogenicity Testing: Cell-Based or Ligand Binding?

Unlike small-molecule drugs, large molecule therapeutics face a high chance of detection by the immune system, and are therefore more apt to trigger alarms. The resulting immune responses can range from largely benign to life-threatening, which is why immunogenicity testing has become a critical requirement in the biologics development process. But, the development and implementation of such assays can be technically challenging, and this is causing differing industry opinions around

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What’s Your System for Cell-Based Assay Method Selection?

Cell-based assays are a key component in the creation of new medicine, from early target and drug discovery efforts through clinical trial and manufacturing support. Complex biochemical processes in the body can often be investigated and understood in cell-based model systems, and there is a near limitless variety of cell-based assay platforms that can be developed. Clinical pharmacology studies are a critical part of demonstrating this ‘biosimilarity’, and provide the

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