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We’ll Make Our Platforms Work for Your Assay Demands.

Our deep bioanalytical expertise allows us to be impartial in the way we utilize our array of platforms, tailoring our methods to meet your most rigorous assay performance demands.

You may be wondering what platform has the right capabilities for your project. While we can customize how we leverage our technologies to your specific requirements, here are the aspects we consider in recommending the optimal core platform to utilize.

Consider Assay Demands

BioAgilytix has multiple 96 and 384 well plate readers that we use for traditional ELISA with colorimetric, flourometric and chemiluminescese readouts. ELISAs are still the most common immunoassay platforms, but for some assays, multiplexing, higher sensitivity, or wider dynamic range are required. In these cases, we leverage one of our multiple MSD-ECL 6000 readers.  We have also equipped our Biotek synergies readers with the appropriate filters to be able to perform various time resolved florescence assays such as DELFIA, HTRF, QF, Alphalisa and others.  

Consider Sample Volume

For assays limited by sample volume, such as pediatric studies or CSF samples, we typically utilize our Gyros platforms, which also yield faster sample analysis turnaround time. For assays with only one good antibody available, or assays requiring separation based on either size or charge prior to analysis.

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Consider the Output

We have a very strong cell-based assay team that utilizes all the immunoassay platforms mentioned above for final readouts. This team is also equipped with two FACsCalibur analyzers with 3 lasers capable of reading 8 colors, as well as the BioTek Cytation III imaging system for performing internalization assays.

Consider the Partner

The quality of the results generated in a bioanalytical lab depends on 4 main factors: the quality of the reagents, the assay format, the choice of the platform, and last but not least, the caliber of the scientists that perform the work. BioAgilytix has assembled a team of veteran experts, with experience utilizing innovative platforms to deliver comprehensive bioanalysis to pharma, biotech, and other CRO partners–and we look forward to supporting you.

Platform Comparisons Guide

What platform is right for your assay requirements? Use our comparative guide to make the optimal technology choice for your needs.

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