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Considerations for Evaluation of Accuracy, Parallelism and Reagent Lot to Lot Variability in Single and Multiplex Biomarker Ligand-Binding Assays

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About the Webinar

Using real-world case studies to increase awareness of the bioanalytical challenges and considerations, Dr. Afshin Safavi, Co-Founder and CSO, BioAgilytix, will review the concepts of parallelism and relative accuracy for biomarker studies, as well as reagent lot-to-lot variability.

Why tune in?

  • Learn the requirements for parallelism to assess the suitability of using a recombinant protein calibrator in a simple buffer matrix.
  • Understand why and how “relative accuracy” should be considered during the assay validation.
  • Discover how to control lot-to-lot variability of critical reagents, particularly for multiplex assays.

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    About the Presenter


    Afshin Safavi, PhD

    Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

    Afshin Safavi, Ph.D., is considered an expert in the area of immunoassays, with extensive experience in establishing and leading bioanalytical teams in support of the development of biological products.

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