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Biomarker: BAFF

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Human Serum


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LLOQ: 0.550 pg/mL

Biological or Clinical Significance:

BAFF (B cell-activating factor belonging to the TNF family) is a cell survival and maturation factor for B cells, and overproduction of BAFF is associated with systemic autoimmune disease. BAFF binds to three receptors, BAFF-R, transmembrane activator and calcium modulator and cyclophilin ligand interactor (TACI), and B cell maturation Ag (BCMA). Using specific mAbs, BAFF-R was found to be the predominant BAFF receptor expressed on peripheral B cells, in both humans and mice, and antagonist mAbs to BAFF-R blocked BAFF-mediated costimulation of anti- micro responses.

The other BAFF receptors showed a much more restricted expression pattern, suggestive of specialized roles. BCMA was expressed by germinal center B cells, while TACI was expressed predominantly by splenic transitional type 2 and marginal zone B cells, as well as activated B cells, but was notably absent from germinal center B cells.

BAFF was also an effective costimulator for T cells, and this costimulation occurs entirely through BAFF-R. BAFF-R, but not TACI or BCMA, was expressed on activated/memory subsets of T cells, and T cells from BAFF-R mutant A/WySnJ mice failed to respond to BAFF costimulation. Thus, BAFF-R is important not only for splenic B cell maturation, but is the major mediator of BAFF-dependent costimulatory responses in peripheral B and T cells.


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