For High-Sensitivity Quantitative Western Blotting

The LI-COR Odyssey Western blot delivers quantitative results for target protein detection using the platform’s infrared technology. This can improve on the sensitivity achieved using traditional chemiluminescent detection systems. BioAgilytix performs accurate, reproducible, quantitative Western blot assays leveraging this platform. 


BioAgilytix’s LI-COR Odyssey expertise  

When quantitative Western blot detection is needed, the BioAgilytix team knows the LI-COR platform will deliver the sensitivity and reproducibility required to yield accurate results. LI-COR removes the need for enzymatic reactions and substrates, with highly stable signals that generate high-quality data. Let our experts show you how we can apply LI-COR’s robust detection capabilities to your next project.  

Ideal LI-COR Applications:

Quantitative western blots, protein gel imaging, and in-cell Westerns  

The LI-COR platform has broad applicability for quantitative Western blots and protein gel imaging, providing quantitative analysis and a wide linear dynamic range that is not available with traditional chemiluminescent methods. The accuracy and linearity of the system’s infrared detection can be used for direct and relative comparisons of protein expression levels between samples and have made LI-COR an industry standard platform for quantitative Western blots. 

In addition to two-color infrared quantitative Western blots, BioAgilytix uses our LI-COR Odyssey platform as a read-out for cell-based assays, protein detection, nucleic acid detection, and more. 

odyssey benefits chart
Key LI-COR Benefits:

Superior sensitivity, quantification, and linear range  

The core benefits of the LI-COR Odyssey stem from its infrared fluorescence technology, which enables superior sensitivity, quantification, and linear range when compared to chemiluminescence and visible fluorescence detection. Its near-infrared detection generates low background fluorescence for a signal-to-noise ratio that is better than visible fluorescence, and equal to or greater than chemiluminescence. In fact, LI-COR can accurately detect both strong and weak signals in a single image over a 4-5 log linear dynamic range. 

Another key advantage of the platform is its ability to multiplex two different targets on the same blot. Not only does this save time and conserve sample volumes by multiplying data output, it also makes normalization against an internal control for quantification more precise. This mitigates the potential errors that would be introduced from protein loss during stripping and re-probing, or by comparing blots separately. 

odyssey instrument

How the LI-COR Odyssey platform works  

LI-COR is an infrared (IR) laser-based instrumentation that can detect western blots without the need for film, a darkroom, or any chemiluminescent substrates. Using infrared fluorescent signals that are directly proportional to the amount of target protein, LI-COR Odyssey can accurately and reproducibly measure changes in protein levels via ratiometric detection. In fact, the platform can detect both faint and strong bands within a single image, without signal saturation. 

The LI-COR imager yields very low background fluorescence, which enables detection that includes low-picogram level targets as well as wider ranges of endogenous protein expression with NIR fluorescence. Additionally, this platform detects two targets simultaneously on the same membrane, which greatly increases accuracy of quantification and provides for more robust comparison.