Automation That Yields Rapid, Accurate Data

See Our State-Of-The-Art, Efficiency-Driving Automation Tools

BioAgilytix maintains an extensive portfolio of leading laboratory automation systems in all global locations, which we leverage to improve workflow efficiencies while delivering accurate, reliable assay results.

We are able to adapt our automation solutions to your specific small and large molecule study parameters and workflow needs. To learn how we can flexibly use these tools to streamline your study’s time to results.

Hamilton Microlab® NIMBUS
Hamilton Microlab® STARlet
BioTek Microplate Washer
Perkin Elmer Janus G3 Liquid Handler
Integra Assist Plus
Integra Viaflo 96
Scinomix Sci-Print VX2
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Why BioAgilytix for small and large molecule bioanalysis?

Our passion for the science of small and large molecule bioanalysis drives our ability to deliver premium, tailored services for biomarker, immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics (PK), and cell-based assays.