Protein Simple Ella

Protein Simple Ella: A Powerful Tool for Detecting and Quantifying Proteins

BioAgilytix offers Ella™, from ProteinSimple®, a Bio-Techne® brand, as part of our extensive technology suite supporting complex biomarker work. Our scientists typically turn to Ella for multiplex biomarker analysis in cases where assay variability and antibody cross-reactivity are of particular concern. This platform standardizes sample preparation to ensure each assay is consistently and reproducibly run.  

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BioAgilytix’s Ella platform expertise  

Ella is part of BioAgilytix’s extensive portfolio of bioanalytical technologies and automation systems supporting our core immunoassay services. As a world-class provider of biomarker services, we often deal with complex assay demands, and the Ella platform allows us to address our customers’ multiplex biomarker analysis challenges effectively. We are continuously optimizing our support for biomarker studies, and Ella equips us with an advanced tool to quickly and effectively deliver the quality results our customers require. 

Ideal Ella Applications:

Multiplex biomarker analysis

BioAgilytix uses the Ella platform for biomarker studies involving multiplex analysis, especially those where assay variability and antibody cross-reactivity could otherwise pose issues. Because it detects each analyte in separate parallel channels, our scientists can produce excellent assay reproducibility with minimal concern for inaccuracy of results due to antibody cross-reactivity. Ella yields quantitative data with a 4-5 log dynamic range using as little as 2.5 µL of sample volume. It enables triplicate sample testing with detection of up to four targeted protein antigens. Its use of the Simple Plex™ cartridge makes Ella a viable alternative to traditional plate-based ELISAs for rapid multiplex analysis of small sample volumes. 

Key Ella Benefits:

High sensitivity, reproducible results, and low sample volume  

The Ella platform delivers highly sensitive, reproducible results with low sample volumes. By automating assay runs, it eliminates manual steps for washes and reagent additions, as well as the chance of pipetting errors. This reduces assay variability while speeding analysis time. 

Ella’s high sensitivity also makes it valuable for immunoassay studies with limited sample volume. Each Simple Plex™ assay yields three results from each microfluidic channel’s three glass nano reactors (GNRs), helping to maximize each aliquot of sample. 

Top benefits of Ella: 
  • Automation 
  • High sensitivity 
  • Multiplexing 
  • Reduced cross-reactivity 
  • Reproducible results 
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How Ella works  

The Ella platform conducts immunoassay testing within a microfluidic Simple Plex™ cartridge. It automates the immunoassay by running samples in parallel through individual microfluidic channels, binding the protein of interest before washing off unbound analyte and adding a detection reagent. Each channel has three GNRs that are coated with a capture antibody so that results are produced in triplicate for each sample. 

Ella uses fluorescence detection to enable measurement of low endogenous levels of proteins across a wider and more sensitive detection range. It also precisely controls volume on every assay, resulting in low, single-digit coefficients of variation (CVs).