Ligand Binding Assay Development: Expert Services & Support

An immunoassay is a bioanalytical method used to detect and/or quantitate a specific analyte by leveraging its binding interactions as an antibody or antigen. The techniques or platforms used for immunoassays vary significantly depending on the analyte, therapeutic modality, and type of analytical endpoint. BioAgilytix is an industry leader in immunoassay development and validation with extensive experience across a wide range of methodologies in support of nonclinical and clinical therapeutic programs.

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BioAgilytix’s Immunoassay Platforms 

Partnering with a CRO that has the experience and resources to design custom solutions for immunoassay development is a critical part of any bioanalytical support package. BioAgilytix leverages an array of platforms to support the delivery of its immunoassay services and we maintain a robust automations program to enable scalability of assays to meet our clients’ needs. Some of our commonly used platforms include:

  • Gyrolab
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Western Blotting

Leverage Our Expertise With Custom Immunoassay Solutions

BioAgilytix leads our industry by applying our robust expertise in immunoassays to provide our customers with data more quickly and dependably through all phases of assay development, validation, and testing. Our scientific teams are prepared to navigate even the most complex immunoassay methods. Our robust expertise ensures that bioanalytical laboratory services are dependably delivered on time.

Immunoassays can support diverse therapeutic and sample types. At BioAgilytix, we have experience across a multitude of indications including but not limited to metabolic, neurologic, oncology, genetic, and autoimmune diseases. This depth of understanding allows our teams to proactively plan for indication-specific challenges and to solve problems quickly, ensuring that your innovative drugs get to market faster.

We have successfully supported the development of assays for therapeutics using a diverse array of sample types ranging from plasma and serum to more specialized matrices such as cerebrospinal fluid and aqueous humor. Our scientists are also well versed in using fluid or tissues from a variety of animal models such as rodents, non-human primates, or minipigs. Whatever your project design, we are ready and able to develop a custom immunoassay solution to fit your needs.