Virology Assay Services for Accurate Detection and Diagnosis

Numerous drug modalities require virology methods to support preclinical and clinical bioanalysis. However, finding a laboratory with expertise in assays using viruses or viral components can be challenging. BioAgilytix provides development and validation of assays with virologic endpoints in support of vaccines, viral vectors, and therapeutics for treatment or prevention of diseases.   

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BioAgilytix’s virology expertise

From classical virology such as propagation, plaque assays, and PRNT, to quantitative and qualitative PCR for virus detection, BioAgilytix offers the full suite of virological endpoints for your preclinical or clinical program. In the molecular age, it can be challenging to find a team with cell culture-based virology expertise. When we combine our virology, immunology, and molecular biology teams, BioAgilytix can support any endpoint required for vaccine, antiviral, or viral vector drug program. Our virology services include: 

  • Plaque/Foci infectivity
  • Viral titer
  • Viral shedding
  • Plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT)
  • Virus neutralization (Microneutralization) assays
  • VLP blockade
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Rely on a team trained in virological techniques

Our team of experts has decades of experience in the antiviral drug discovery and development space. As a result, our scientists understand the unique considerations associated with each virology program from key parameters for successful propagation to selection of appropriate permissive cell lines. We leverage this experience to ensure a streamlined, optimal approach to developing and validating your assays.  

We have established BSL2+ lab spaces with trained staff to support virus-based assays.

Physical containment 2 and 3 laboratories paired with training and access to physical containment 4 laboratories allows us to support any vaccine or antiviral agent in development. We offer multiple locations and capacity for large-scale testing, allowing us to serve North America, Europe, and APAC. Our labs are geographically suited to your needs and provide the ability to move assays from one site to another to maintain continuity. 

BioAgilytix has quality systems infrastructure and guidance documents in place to support GxP-regulated requirements, as well as nonregulated and CMC bioanalytical support to enable you to monitor all your bioanalytical needs with one vendor. We can share our experience of meeting regulatory expectations and industry best practices learned from working with our large customer base.   

State-of-the-art platforms to support your virology project

Leverage our diverse range of innovative platforms:

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Luminescent or fluorescent reporters (plate readers) 

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Imaging (Cytation) 

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Microscopy for plaque assays 

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ELISA for viral proteins 

Our Australian Advantage

Support for Phase I vaccine studies in Australia with convenient transfer of assays to our other global locations to support later phases.