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Biomarker: Bilirubin (total)

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Bilirubin (total)



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Biological or Clinical Significance:

Bilirubin is a tetrapyrrole and a breakdown product of heme catabolism. Most bilirubin (70%-90%) is derived from hemoglobin degradation and, to a lesser extent, from other hemo proteins. In the serum, bilirubin is usually measured as both direct bilirubin (DBil) and total-value bilirubin (TBil).

Direct bilirubin correlates with conjugated bilirubin but tends to overestimate actual conjugated bilirubin, as it includes both the conjugated bilirubin and bilirubin covalently bound to albumin (delta-bilirubin). Indirect bilirubin correlates with unconjugated bilirubin but tends to underestimate unconjugated bilirubin, as a portion of the unconjugated bilirubin reacts with diazosulfanilic acid, producing azobilirubin, which is measured as direct bilirubin.


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