Who You’ll Work With

WhoYou’ll Work With

When you join BioAgilytix, you become part of a collaborative, international team of people who are equally passionate about and committed to advancing bioanalytical innovation.

Meet some of our team members and see what they have to say about their experience working at BioAgilytix.

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“The atmosphere at BioAgilytix is remarkable. Employees are happy to be at work everyday and are true team players, willing to help anyone out whenever needed.”

2018: BioAgilytix Hiring by the Numbers

  • BioAgilytix added 53 new team members in the USA
  • BioAgilytix added 16 new team members to our European Headquarters
  • Almost 50% of new hires have a master’s or Ph.D. degree
  • Of the new hires, nearly 50% come from minority backgrounds
  • BioAgilytix employees represent over 25 countries from all over the world

BioAgilytix Team Q&A

Learn more about BioAgilytix from those who know the company best.

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isabel bernges


Matt Bray

Scientist and Bioanalytical Project Manager, BioAgilytix

“When I started with the company, the lab staff was only a fraction of what we have now. As we’ve grown, we’ve moved from mostly unregulated studies to handling a majority of regulated work, and I truly believe it has made us all better scientists.”

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Beth Heinz

Executive Director of Global Business Development and Key Accounts, BioAgilytix

“The culture at BioAgilytix encourages each employee to work hard, but the company has a vested interest in ensuring employees are happy. The leadership team consistently goes out of their way to create a collaborative team environment.”

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Florian Sieglitz

Principal Investigator & BPM, BioAgilytix Europe

“In order to complete a project, every member of our team has to constantly interact with people from other departments of the company, which can be challenging but is always interesting and keeps us on our toes. Communication is a priority for the whole company.”

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Christine Ford

Corporate Compliance Manager, BioAgilytix

“BioAgilytix has given me additional professional development opportunities by encouraging me to attend any QA-focused industry events that I am interested in. The insights I gain from these events allows me to help our team understand and apply evolving QA best practices.”

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Isabel Bernges

Project Manager & Study Coordinator, BioAgilytix Europe

“I really enjoy the people I work with on a daily basis, which is an essential factor since I am with them all the time. There is a strong feeling of support among all of my colleagues; someone is always willing to help with a scientific challenge.”

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Dominic Phan

Business Development Associate, BioAgilytix

“A lot of what I have learned in the last two years has come by way of mentorship. I have had the amazing opportunity to learn about a lot of different aspects of the business from members of the larger team – both from BD and leadership team members.”

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“The cohesiveness at BioAgilytix is exceptional. Everyone from C-level executives to entry-level analysts work together for the betterment of the company. I haven’t experienced that anywhere else I’ve worked.”

“When I started at BioAgilytix I was thrown right into the mix, learning multiple assays, platforms, and products right away. As a result I was able to have an immediate impact on the projects I was working on.

“The scientific experience that working at BioAgilytix offers is invaluable. My coworker’s support, knowledge, and expertise alone have helped me learn and grow as a scientist. I appreciate the immense opportunity for growth I’ve found here.”

The teamwork and camaraderie is what I love most about BioAgilytix. I know that regardless of what challenge I face at work my teammates will help and support me. This atmosphere make integrating into the company easy.”

“I like working here because of the diversity of projects and clients I get to work with. Unlike many companies which focus on one product, and only a small handful of tests, we get the opportunity to work on multiple therapy areas, clients, tests, assays, equipment, and more.

“Our leadership is the best group I’ve ever worked for. I can walk into the office of the VPO, CSO or CEO and ask them questions and always be received in a congenial and genuine manner; they are ready to bend over backwards to help you.”

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