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Meet some of our team members and see what they have to say about their experience at BioAgilytix.

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BioAgilytix by the Numbers
  • BioAgilytix has more than 1000 team members worldwide, and growing
  • We boast an industry-leading 90%+ employee retention rate
  • More than 50% of our employees earned their master’s or Ph.D. degree
  • US-based BioAgilytix team members represent more than 39 countries of origin, with 47 different countries of origin represented in our global employee population


Learn more about BioAgilytix from those who know the company best.

Beth Heinz

Vice President of Business Development, BioAgilytix

“The culture at BioAgilytix encourages each employee to work hard, but the company has a vested interest in ensuring employees are happy. The leadership team consistently goes out of their way to create a collaborative team environment.”

Tatjana Ackermann

Quality Assurance Auditor, BioAgilytix

“Knowing I positively impact the lives of patients is the most rewarding aspect of my work with BioAgilytix. I was deeply moved when a patient recently came to BioAgilytix’s headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, to talk about her illness and how we helped her with a new treatment that we supported to market approval. It’s moments like those that make my work truly rewarding, and make me proud to be BioAgilytix team member.”

Eric Nesbit

Bioanalytical Project Manager/Manager I, BioAgilytix

“For me, my favorite thing about working at BioAgilytix is the people—hands down. BioAgilytix has done a great job of bringing motivated and high-quality people, from diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds, together to do an important job. I feel lucky to be a part of it all.”

Reema Davis

Scientist III

“My fascination with blood and lymphatic vessels led me to research their genetic make-up and related diseases, in hopes to find potential drug targets. During my research I trained extensively in cell-based work including but not limited to gene expression studies, intracellular signaling, cellular staining, transduction, all of which helped me build a strong foundation of transferable skills.”

Nikhil Soni

Scientist III

“We are all in this together and we are all here to help each other.”

Chris Carlin

Scientist II

“BioAgilytix is a company strongly committed to the service of its clients and the thousands of people who may be positively transformed by biotherapies currently in development or on the market. In my time at BioAgilytix, I have found that this dedication to service also extends throughout the company to my many colleagues.”

“The cohesiveness at BioAgilytix is exceptional. Everyone from C-level executives to entry-level analysts work together for the betterment of the company. I haven’t experienced that anywhere else I’ve worked.”
“When I started at BioAgilytix I was thrown right into the mix, learning multiple assays, platforms, and products right away. As a result I was able to have an immediate impact on the projects I was working on.”
“The scientific experience that working at BioAgilytix offers is invaluable. My coworker’s support, knowledge, and expertise alone have helped me learn and grow as a scientist. I appreciate the immense opportunity for growth I’ve found here.”
“The teamwork and camaraderie is what I love most about BioAgilytix. I know that regardless of what challenge I face at work my teammates will help and support me. This atmosphere make integrating into the company easy.”
“I like working here because of the diversity of projects and clients I get to work with. Unlike many companies which focus on one product, and only a small handful of tests, we get the opportunity to work on multiple therapy areas, clients, tests, assays, equipment, and more.”
“Our leadership is the best group I’ve ever worked for. I can walk into the office of the VPO, CSO or CEO and ask them questions and always be received in a congenial and genuine manner; they are ready to bend over backwards to help you.”

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