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BioAgilytix has evolved the model for partnership in large molecule bioanalysis to benefit our customers and the patients they serve.

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Our fully integrated GxP services are driven by your assay requirements and delivered by our veteran scientists – collaboratively, accurately, and on time.

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Our team is comprised of recognized experts in effectively navigating complex and evolving opportunities for biotherapeutics innovation.

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Advanced facilities to support all phases of large molecule global studies.

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    Colorectal cancer patients may soon be seeing improved therapies and survival rates thanks to research out of the University of Luxembourg. The team has identified a new biomarker that could allow physicians to catch the disease early and determine the risk for reoccurrence. Learn more about the study and its results here:

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    The diverse use of biomarkers by scientists across manufacturing, clinical, and research settings has led to confusion over what distinguishes “assay qualification” from “assay validation” in the world of biomarker testing. We discuss how the concepts of “fit-for-purpose” and “context of use” can help guide decisions on whether to qualify or validate exploratory biomarker assays.

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    Visit our Resource Center to find blogs, articles, and videos on the latest innovative topics in large molecule bioanalysis, and to learn more about the BioAgilytix way of thinking.