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Optimizing Project Management Collaboration and Efficiency With a Cohesive Team

Nothing is more frustrating or harmful to the success of your drug development project than a loss of continuity during the project lifecycle, resulting in dropped balls or slipping timelines. Complex projects like yours demand the ultimate level of project continuity, accountability and ownership in order to produce reliable, high-quality results on time.

We believe our project teams are true extensions of your staff, unified in our pursuit of shared success. Our Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM) model was built to address the challenges too often experienced in drug development outsourcing, providing you with a singular scientific expert to act as your main point of contact at every stage of the project lifecycle. Their role encompasses more than that of a typical Principal Investigator (PI) or project manager, in that they provide active day-to-day support of projects both in and out of the lab.

Work with skilled and experienced bioanalytical project managers and principle investigators

The philosophy behind our unique project management approach is simple: every project is priority, and every project deserves our most seasoned scientific minds. Led by a Bioanalytical Project Manager (BPM) / Principal Investigator (PI), your project team is comprised of dedicated, experienced scientists who handle all aspects of your project from start to finish. That means you can rely on one team at every stage of the project lifecycle—resulting in no loss of critical continuity.

Our skilled BPMs / PIs have repeatedly proven their strength in the bioanalytical services space. In fact, team members in these roles average more than 15+ years of bench experience working firsthand in the bioanalytical lab, ensuring that an extended track record of scientific experience enriches your project every step of the way.

In addition to their proven scientific competencies, our BPMs / PIs are trained managerial leaders who channel their skills to ensure that your project is managed and completed with the highest scientific quality and efficiency. Both science-driven and efficiency-driven, they provide the optimal blend of expertise needed to deliver outstanding project management services for your most complex bioanalytical projects.

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Anticipating project management challenges, proactively finding solutions

Our BPMs / PIs are more than your typical CRO project managers. They are intentionally ingrained in both the scientific execution and the strategic management of any project conducted at BioAgilytix. Each BPM / PI provides active in-lab oversight each day, interfacing between your internal scientists and the BioAgilytix scientific team conducting your project through each phase of development. Our distinctive project management methodology brings together the entire BioAgilytix team in a uniquely consultative approach, enriching the project management process with continual guidance and recommendations formed from veteran perspectives.

By identifying potential obstacles during the project management process and openly communicating them to you, we can collaborate to overcome any bioanalytical challenges that arise—solving problems before they cause delays to keep your project on schedule and within budget. Instead of roadblocks, you’ll have complete transparency into the status and progress of your project, 24/7.

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